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If you are a movie fan, sooner or later you will face a difficulty tracking everything you have watched and what is still worth watching. While it isn’t really an option to use clumsy desktop sites and online recorders, some quickly and user friendly mobile app could be a good choice. 1Movies is a high-quality movie application that will help you to find new releases, store them in your collection, and learn more about film industry. Note that the application is a store and doesn’t entail downloading or streaming.

Why is it the best movie app?

First of all, the 1Movies allows you to store an unlimited number of films filtered by country, date of release, and genre. An easy-to-use navigation system will allow you to track what movies you have already watched, find and watch new trailers, and add them to your collection. The number of titles has so far exceeded 950,000, which provides you with a huger variety in comparison to any other database. In case you are unable to find a particular movie, you can always contact the support team, and the item will be shortly created.

The collection allows you to add not only digital copies of movies, but you also have a wide range of TV-series and disc titles at hand. The system supports search in different languages, which, accompanied with advanced filtering, make 1Movies the best user-friendly app on the market.

Finally, in addition to the improved search, Movie & TV provides you with precise and detailed information on cast, soundtracks, and subtitles. A well-designed interface makes the collection pleasant to use and come back on a daily basis.

Technical side

1Movies is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. The only thing you will need in order to use the app is to sign up or use an account you already have. Just as well, it can be linked to your Facebook or Twitter account so that you don’t have to make additional sign-up actions. The app has a parental control function, which can be switched off in Settings. Finally, all movies are connected to iMD service, which helps to get a better insight into the chosen movie.

Among other features is the fact that your collection isn’t lost once you change a gadget. It doesn’t matter whether you log in from another mobile device or a desktop version, once you have an account, your data will be synchronized automatically. In addition, you are able to share your collection with others by activating a listing function.

If right now you have no opportunity to download the whole version with an unlimited access, you can give it a try with 1Movies Free 2 – an identical app with a restricted number of titles in your collection and on the lists.

Whether you are a movie lover or just want to sort and store your movie titles in one place, this application with advanced features and particularly rich choice will be the best option to try.

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