3 Common Problems Encountered in Secondhand Homes

Acquiring our first home is an exciting venture, one that can easily be accomplished by purchasing a house that is available in the market. Aspiring homeowners who are on a tighter budget can even go as far as to purchase a used home.

While this provides all the effortlessness of quickly moving in as a quick possession or newly built home offers, it also presents a number of problems, namely, the property itself. It’s possible to avoid some of these home problems from the get-go, but there are instances where they are hidden well enough that we only find out about them later on. Here are a few examples and the ways to combat them.


Termites are insects that feast upon decaying wood that’s located near warm and moist areas. If the property you purchased is made up of this material and has troubles with puddles forming near the foundations or crawl spaces, it’s possible that termites have invaded your home. This can be proven by their wings being left all over the house or difficult-to-open doors and windows. Clicking sounds in the walls is another sign that your home has termites.

Are you not entirely sure? Countless companies in Salt Lake City and other areas offer termite inspections and control. It’s best to contact them immediately to prevent further damage not only to your homes but your family’s health as well.

External Damage

A common mistake that new homeowners tend to make has to do with the exterior of the house. This is the part that receives the brunt of the damage from the weather and other elements, which can cause serious problems if it’s neglected or not maintained well.

Let’s break down some parts you’ll need to pay close attention to, starting with the roof. Regardless of whether you have trees on your property, it’s imperative that you include gutter checks in your household chores. Doing so helps you see if the gutters are clogged, which can lead to water spilling incorrectly. Possible nasty outcomes of this include foundation damages, structural issues, and molds.

Aside from the gutter, shingles should be checked, too. It’s possible that the previous owners didn’t see any holes or other damages, so it’s best to hire a professional to assure that there’s nothing wrong with the shingles.

As for the trees, these should be pruned alongside shrubs. Not only will this improve your curb appeal, but it will keep your family safe, too, since potential intruders will have nowhere to hide.

Poor Maintenance

The interior of the house is perhaps the most important part of the house for most homeowners. Despite this, previous owners may not have been as careful with their belongings as you would want them to be. Before looking over the appliances that came with the house, hire electricians and plumbers that can confirm if the wiring and systems are still in good shape. While that’s being conducted, you can also look over the fixtures inside, like doors, cupboards, and even shower racks. Replacing these when they’re in less than their stellar condition is one of the least expensive improvements you’ll be doing.

Looking over every part of the house may take some time and drain a bit of your savings. However, checking this over upon moving in is one of the best ways you can prevent further financial drain and headaches in the future.

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