Cause of sewer backup

Sewer lines are functioning properly is as important as other facilities in a building. Flushing toilet, draining of bathtub easily and running your garbage disposal perfectly makes your life easy and stress free. Any trouble in utilizing these accessories means there is a problem creating in sewer lines. Clogged drains or sewage backup create big, unpleasant mess in a home and need immediate action.

Sometimes these sewer line problem show signs of blockage such as slow drainage of waste water or foul smell or sound of water coming from drains. If you experience these signs, you should call a plumber immediately; otherwise the situation gets worse and will cost you more.

Sewage backup is a serious and harmful situation and need professional plumber. Sewage water is a health threat and can cause serious illnesses even death. Sewer water backups from your bathtub, shower or faucet drains and this should be dealt with immediately to eliminate hazardous and contaminated waste.

Powerhouse Plumbers are expert and skilled in providing plumbing repairs as well as sewer backup. They are available in all plumbing emergencies and are 24 hour plumbers every time of day and night. You can call them in emergencies even on holidays.

Professional from plumbing service is knowledgeable and trained to deal with sewer backup issue. They have equipment and right tools to examine the root cause of sewer backup. Your sewage line is linked with public sanitary lines and any blockage can cause sewer back into your toilets. This can cause backup in your neighbors too. If the backup is due to blockage in main sewer lines then public sewer authorizes are informed.

After assessment, a professional plumber will know the cause of sewer backup and decide what should be done to resolve the issue. There are many causes of sewer backup and a professional knows the best solution to restore the sewer lines.

Soap residue, food particles, grease, hair, dirt, sanitary products and foreign objects are various causes of blockage in sewer lines and tend raw waster and water to backup. Professionals use drain auger or cable wire to clean the drains to remove blockage. If this does not clear the blockage then they use camera down the drain lines to identify the problem.

There may be tree roots damaging and blocking your pipes. The professional plumber uses right tools to address this problem more effectively. Either they do rooter work to punch through the roots or use hydro jetting. A professional plumber is expert in assessing the condition of pipes, if they need repair or complete replacement of sewer lines. They also check main drain gutters for any blockage and clean them properly. Repairing and cleaning sewer backup is a dirty and unpleasant job and only professional plumbers can evaluate the extent of damage and handle it efficiently.

Powerhouse Plumbers provides wide range of plumbing services in regular and emergencies to residents and work places. They are fully skilled and experts in handling various plumbing problems successfully. They provide efficient services in repairing, replacing and installation of all plumbing system. They recommend and provide maintenance for plumbing system on monthly basis.

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