Cordless leaf blower benefits

In the fall months, cordless leaf blowers are mainly used to cut leaves. The first leaves start falling from the trees at the end of September. And it often doesn’t take long before they invade the whole garden. Especially in the case of grass, removing the leaves as soon as possible is crucial, so that the area can catch sunlight again quickly. Without this, there is a high likelihood that in the next spring the affected lawn or grass areas will no longer be green, but brown. The best cordless leaf blower will help you easily solve this problem.

Operating areas

However, a cordless leaf blower not only benefits your yard, but also may support your property’s visitors personally or more generally. There is a high risk of slipping on wet, slippery leaves, especially for older people. Particularly dangerous are tiled entrances or terraces. You should always think about liability and insurance if you own a private home or property.

In the fall months, cordless leaf blowers are not only suitable for work, but are also useful in other seasons. For example, a cordless blower can be used in the summer to extract sand from the terrace. It has been shown during our reviews that many gardeners and do-it-yourselfers are using cordless leaf blowers to complement hedge trimmers, particularly after cutting to remove the leaves on the field. For general cleaning purposes, you can also use a battery-powered blower to eliminate waste after a celebration (paper cups, napkins, wrapping paper, etc.).

You see: a leaf blower helps you get your work done quickly and efficiently, no matter what tasks you face. With a blower, you can save a lot of time compared to a rake or broom. Additionally, you protect your back (think about your posture when working with a broom or rake).

Cordless leaf blowers vs. other options

So why choose a cordless leaf blower instead of an electric gas or cord blower? In our annual reviews, we studied a lot of leaf blowers, and we think we know the solution. They list the major benefits of cordless leaf blowers over gasoline-based corded blowers in the following.

No cable

Like cable-electric blowers, cordless leaf blowers do not need a cable and therefore no outlet. This is a huge advantage: on the one hand, all areas can be swept with the leaf blower (and it doesn’t malfunction because of the cable length or lack of outlet). On the other hand, when working with the power tool, there is no chance of falling over the wire.


All liquid must be brought around with a standard gasoline unit. Only the lightweight lithium-ion battery will be transported with a battery-powered leaf blower. We figured out during our product reviews that in reality there are many lithium-ion batteries available whose weight is much less than a pound.


However, a cordless blower of the leaf is much more than a blower of the gasoline leaf. A reduced level of noise will protect both your own ears and your family’s and neighbors ‘ ears. We conducted a scope survey of our cordless leaf blower reviews and all noise pollution responses were very positive.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike traditional petrol tools, cordless blowers cause (virtually) no CO2 or other impact on the environment. Here’s a simple calculation: if you use a gas blower to use 4 liters of petrol, the CO2 balance is about 7 kg. When you use 1 kilowatt hour with a cordless leaf blower (which is around the equivalent), the CO2 balance remains similar to 0. For example, detailed information on this topic can be found on the U.S. website. Energy Information Administration (EIA), one of the best sources of energy information in the world, can be considered.

Better price / performance ratio

Cordless leaf blower prices seem a little high at first glance. They’re no longer, though, at second glance. On the one side, compared to a gasoline blower, you’ll save fuel costs. This is particularly striking when you spend the whole year tilting your fuel costs. On the other side, if you already have a battery-powered device and batteries, you can save money. You can use the same battery for both devices because you don’t use two devices in parallel. Therefore, you save the expense of the purchase.

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