Is It Safe to Swim During Covid-19?

We are extremely limited in the types of activities that we can take on throughout COVID-19. If you’re interested in enjoying some fun in the sun, you might be interested in going down to a local pool for a swim. Many people feel some apprehension about the idea of swimming in public or sharing the water with people outside of their safe bubble.

What’s important to know is that there is no evidence that the virus can spread through water. This means that spas, water, play areas and pools are likely safe according to the Center for disease control. Because disinfectants are used to clean the water, chlorine and bromine should kill any evidence of the virus in the water.

Most of the chance that the virus could spread through these areas comes down to the crowds that gather along the decks and on the beach or a public waterway. When people are not distancing on land or in the water as they are talking, this is one we can see some concerns about the spread of the virus.

However a waterpark whirlpool is not considered to be a high-risk scenario. As it will be difficult for a person to wear a mask and see the benefits of a mask when it gets wet, it remains very important that access is limited and people are very cautious of the distance that they’re keeping while they are in the water.

Local health departments throughout the summer worked with a variety of beaches to maintain safety and create areas where distancing would be possible. It’s definitely challenging to create a safe environment if you are going to be visiting a public pool. Choosing a private pool or going over to a friend or family members pool and enjoying it in a distance format should be completely safe.

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