Tips to Find the Right Spot for Your Air Conditioner

Are you planning to install a new air conditioner in your home? If yes, make sure you do it right by working with the pros. One of the primary factors you have to consider when installing a new AC system is the location of your indoor and outdoor units. Finding a good spot for your air conditioner is very important for system performance and energy efficiency.

Here are 4 helpful tips to finding the right spot for your AC:

Keep your AC away from heat sources.

Placing your air conditioning system near heat sources, such as sunlight that falls on doors and windows, will lead to a false temperature reading. This will force your AC to work harder and longer to try to bring down the temperature. Heat-producing appliances, such as lamps and cooking appliances, must also be kept away from your AC at all times.

Do not place your AC behind furniture.

Placing your unit behind any furniture can badly affect air conditioning performance. Your AC needs sufficient space to function properly. Putting it behind furniture or appliances in your home will restrict the flow of air to and from the system. It is always good to provide at least one foot of clearance on all sides of your air conditioner.

Place your AC at a proper height.

You do not want your air conditioner blocking the passageway. Thus, make sure to place your indoor AC at a proper height. It would be ideal to install your split-type AC 7 feet from floor level. That will ensure proper distribution of cool air throughout the room while also keeping your thermostat away from curious kids.

Provide shading for your outdoor AC.

Make sure to pay equal attention to your outdoor AC during installation. Like your indoor AC, you must provide enough space for your outdoor unit to do its job well. It would be a big mistake to install it in an unshaded, crowded, and dusty area. If your outdoor AC is exposed to direct sunlight, it will work harder and consume more energy than it needs to cool your home. If installed near trees and bushes, it will result in poor airflow.

Hire a professional AC installation Austin

Get a long list of benefits from hiring a professional AC installation service in Austin. DIY AC installation is a risky job to take. Besides, it requires professional service to maintain the validity of your unit’s warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your trusted local professionals now!

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