Tips When Using Potted Plants at Home

Having potted plants at home is an excellent idea. You can transform your place, and make it more relaxing when you have potted plants. It’s like bringing a part of nature’s bounty to your home. If you decide to use potted plants, these are some tips you need to consider.

Don’t put too many containers together

You have to give enough space between potted plants. They need to use air, water, and sunlight properly. When you place these plants close to each other, it could impact their growth. Besides, using different containers in the same area will also take away the uniqueness of each individual pot.

Look for one area for your outstanding pot

If there’s a pot that you want to highlight because it looks great, and it also has a splash of colour, you need to find the perfect spot at home. You want everyone to see the beauty of your pot along with the plant that you placed inside it. Look for an area which is difficult to miss such as the front porch or a small table.

Consider how you will drain the pots

When you water the plants, you also need to consider how you are going to drain the pots. Otherwise, the plants will not grow properly due to the presence of too much moisture. Make sure that your pots have holes for easy drainage. Don’t forget that if you use small pots, you need to water the plants more often.

Check the materials used in making the pots

The materials used in making the pot can impact its longevity. Some of these materials are tough and will last for a long time. However, some of them might easily break. If you decide to use wood as a primary material, you need to apply a preservative to keep it from rotting. If you choose breakable materials, you need to place them on the floor, and away from traffic areas.

Determine the right location for the plants

When you decide where to put the potted plants, you need to consider the design of your pots and the type of plant. You can put some of them inside your living room, while others are perfect for outdoor spaces like your patio or garage. You also have to consider the needs of the plants. Some of them require more exposure to sunlight than others. These plants will not survive if placed indoors.

You need to be creative in using potted plants as a home decoration. However, you can’t forget the primary reason why you decided to have them at home. You wish to have a more relaxing place, and using the right plans in a specific area is the priority.

You can consider salt glazed pottery if you are yet to buy the pots you need for the plants. You also need to think of the layout that will help you organise all these plants in your home. Once you finish the job, you will transform the appearance of your place in a positive way.

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