Top Tips to Get Rid of Sugar Ants from Your Home

Sugar ants can be a headache for most people. Although tiny, these pests can be extremely frustrating. Once they gain entry into your home, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of these tiny pests. Experienced pest control services like Rove Pest Control can help to deal with such problems efficiently and conveniently.

With their expertise in dealing with multiple pests, pest control services are perfectly equipped to solve your problem within a short period. Sugar ants are common in many parts of the US and as their name suggests, are extremely attracted to sugary substances. It is a common species of ants that emit an odor when crushed.

Home remedies can often prove to be quite effective in the initial stages of infestation. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently used home remedies for getting rid of sugar ants.

Bay leaves: Place a bay leaf in your kitchen, pantry and the dining area. This will deter sugar ants and can help to relieve the problem.

Cucumber Peels: The aroma of cucumber repels sugar ants. Keep some peels around entryways to your homes, near windows and kitchens to keep these pests away.

Ground Coffee: You can also make use of grounded coffee to keep sugar ants away.

Cleanliness: Pests thrive in areas that remain unclean for longer periods. As a result, roaches, ants and other insects tend to thrive in kitchens and dining areas where food is readily available. Therefore, try to keep your home clean and use pest repellents to get rid of sugar ants. You can also mix peppermint, cinnamon or orange essential oil with water and spray it on windowsills, doors and cracks and crevices around the house.

Homemade Cleaners: To get rid of sugar ants, homemade cleaners are also quite effective. If you have a constant trail of ants in your home, mix soap and water and use it as a cleaner. Similarly, you can dilute the vinegar with water and use it as a natural cleaner.

How Can Pest Control Services Help

Expert pest control services can offer timely treatment for all types of pests. Whether you are experiencing a sugar ant infestation at home or office, get in touch with a professional service. They not only have the expertise to deal with severe infestations but also have the know-how to prevent future infestations.

Modern pest control services offer customized plans. Depending on the extent of the infestation, they will devise a tailor-made solution to get rid of sugar ants. They will use sprays and powders depending on individual requirements. Ant populations can multiply within short periods and depend on the stage of the control process; varied sprays are used to repel ants. Therefore, it is also necessary to use different kinds of baits to completely destroy the pests.

If you are particularly worried about sugar ants, get in touch with a pest control service immediately. Discuss your issues and get estimates for the service. Check out the services offered by some of them before finalizing one. It is likely to permanently solve your problem.


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