Should You Install Carpet Tiles Or Traditional Carpeting?

Shopping for carpet can be a challenging endeavor. You’re tasked with a myriad of choices to make regarding color, patterns, materials and so forth. However, there’s another facet of the decision that many consumers overlook and it can be just as important to consider: choosing between installing wall to wall broadloom or carpet tiles.

The differences among the two are rather obvious and self-explanatory. The decision to select one over the other may not be as clear-cut from the get-go.

Breaking Down Each Type

The first thing to consider is the room in which you are planning to install your carpet and the type of carpet you’ve decide to put in. Broadloom or wall to wall is typically preferable for consumers who want to cover large areas of floor with a consistent carpet pattern or a custom design.

Tiles are usually preferable to consumers who want to save some money on labor costs for installation. Carpet tiles are also quicker to install than wall to wall and less demanding of your time when it comes to routine maintenance of your flooring material.

Reasons to Choose Wall to Wall

On the one hand, wall to wall is typically made from better quality materials, there is a wider range of options available with regard to color and patterns, and the appearance of the carpet shows no signs of seams throughout. It is one complete piece of carpeting material that covers all or part of your floor.

Broadloom is also available in thickness options that are more plush and soft than you’re likely to find with tiles. This is because wall to wall carpet is produced in large rolls of material with a variety of backing material options.

Drawbacks of Wall to Wall


On the other hand, wall to wall carpet can be time-consuming, expensive, and  ultimately a bit more difficult to install based on the carpet you select and the flooring you plan to lay it down upon. But with the styles available and the level of quality that broadloom offers, this is an option that many consumers select for their homes.

In addition, wall to wall carpeting can also bring about higher levels of waste as a result of an installation. The combination of these factors may put some people off from going with a broadloom option.

This carpet type will also require more dedication to routine upkeep, meaning you should only install broadloom if you are prepared to vacuum and clean your carpet in order to maintain its appearance. Not all consumers are prepared to put that time and effort into their floor covering and those seeking out carpet cleaning alexandria va may find they are paying more to install this type of carpet due to the annual cleaning costs.

Some homes may also see elevated levels of foot traffic that make wall to wall less practical for installation.

Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles

As you may have guessed, carpet tiles are not sold as one complete piece of material but they are measured segments of carpet in the shape of squares or hexagons. These tiles have backings that allow them to be attached to your subfloor.

Due to their pre-cut appearance, tiles do not require the complicated cutting that comes with the installation of wall to wall carpet in a room. That also means there is a significant reduction in the amount of waste that comes from broadloom after it has been installed.

Another benefit of tile comes from the ease of replacement that might be required in the event of a spill or mess that stains the carpet. With wall to wall, a stain can linger even after repeated attempts to remove it entirely.

Eradicating that unsightly spot may be all but impossible unless you cut it out of the carpet. That will undoubtedly leave some kind of visible seam where that slug of material has been removed and replaced. So instead of a discolored stain you will always see a small hole that has been cut into your floor covering and filled with a replacement swatch.

Either way, your carpet has been permanently marred in one way or another. With tiles you can lift the segment that has been damaged and replace it with another as if nothing ever happened.

Drawbacks of Carpet Tiles

The most obvious drawback for many consumers is the fact that carpet tiles will likely have visible seams across the expanse of the floor you plan to cover. Carpet manufacturers have taken steps to reduce the visibility of the seams to make the carpet look more like wall to wall, but they are still there.

The other drawback is that you have fewer options in terms of thickness. These tiles are not built to be plush due to their backing and the ease of installation. But carpet tiles can still be a comfortable choice that will enhance the look and feel of any room.


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