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Hazardous Material Removal in Calgary

For a building to remain habitable, usable and safe for its occupants, you need to ensure that it is free from any hazardous materials. However, if your building already has such materials, you need to call in experts who are able to safely and effectively remove and dispose of the contaminated materials. The best news is that you can actually find various reputable companies that are renowned by different clients for topnotch hazardous material removal services.

Hazardous Material Testing and Removal Services in Calgary
Whether you are a landlord, homeowner, business person or a property manager who needs reliable hazardous material testing and removal services, you will find well-known companies that can offer you topnotch remediation services. They have the right expertise, experience and very advanced equipment that enables them to assess, test and remediate a wide range of hazardous materials. Whether you require expert mould testing and removal, lead testing and removal, asbestos testing, or asbestos abatement in Calgary, these professionals can help. Some of the main services they offer include:

1. Mould Testing and Removal

Besides being unsightly, prolonged exposure to mold particularly through inhaling the mold spores is known to cause a range of health conditions. These range from allergic reactions such as itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose and sore throat to respiratory problems. The best thing is that you can actually count on professional mould remediation experts from these companies to help identify the exact source of mould either in your home or work environment. They will then put in place a plan to ensure safe and effective removal.

2. Asbestos Testing and Removal

Asbestos is another potentially hazardous material that poses a range of serious health risks especially when its fibers become airborne and are inhaled. This is because the fibers may get lodged in your lungs, causing scarring and severe impairment of the lung function or even lung cancer. If you have a building that was built before the 1990s you should consider calling the experts and they will handle everything, including testing, removal and disposal. In any case, they are renowned for providing the best asbestos abatement in Calgary.

3. Natural and Chemical Hazardous Material Removal

Besides mold and asbestos removal, these experts are also known to help in removing chemical and natural materials which may pose dangers either to you or the general public. If you want to avoid extreme health risks and reduce the chances of further contamination, you can count on these experts to handle the whole process from testing, to removal and disposal. They have the capacity to remove:

a) PCBs
b) Mercury or lead paint
c) Bird droppings and animal feces
d) Among Other contaminants

One of the greatest advantages of hiring these professionals is that they always strive to adhere to high professional and safety standards. You are therefore guaranteed of getting your building in a better state than you left it as they normally handle every aspect of the clean-up and restoration. Moreover, all the material disposal is normally done at the government-approved sites to avert health risks as well as environmental pollution. If you need professional lead, mould or asbestos abatement in Calgary, these experts can help.

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