CBD Oil and Dog Allergies – Signs to Look for And Know How to Cure the Ailment

Seasonal allergies are one of the many issues that your dog faces at some point in their life. Unlike humans, they cannot express what they are feeling verbally. Only symptoms can help you understand what is going on with your dog.


Allergies are common, be it humans or pets. Every living body is designed in such a way that it can defend off the possible attack on the immune system. When there is an attack from the harmful bacteria or virus, the body defends the external attack by releasing allergens. This reaction is commonly seen in the form of itching, swelling or even burning sensation in any particular area.

Dog Allergies – How is it Caused

Allergies in dogs are normally caused because of the environmental influence, seasonal changes and also because of the intake of some food types. The common seasonal allergies are detected in dogs during the fall or spring season, whereas food allergies are detected anytime.

The dog allergies are caused because of many things and are listed below.

  1. Weeds
  2. Grass
  3. Pollens
  4. Mildew and molds
  5. Shed skin cells
  6. Dust mites
  7. Flea saliva
  8. Fungi


Symptoms of allergies in your dog includes,

  1. Intense itching and scratching
  2. Licking and rubbing of any particular area
  3. Watery eyes and runny nose at constant time intervals
  4. Inflamed paws exhibiting red color because of the constant chewing and licking
  5. Stains of brown saliva because of continuous licking of the paw pads
  6. Continuous scratching leading to the hair loss and shedding all around the house
  7. Open wounds and even a kind of yeasty smell in the air because of the continuous and vigorous licking of the inflamed area

As mentioned above, the common areas that experience the effect of allergies in a dog will be the paws. The other places that suffer from the inflamed skin include –

  1. Wrists
  2. Groin
  3. Base region of the tail
  4. Armpits
  5. Muzzle
  6. Ears
  7. Underbelly
  8. The region around the eyes

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CBD Oil and Dog Allergies

CBD Oil and its effects are not reserved only for the human body. You can use CBD oil to treat allergic effects that are found in your dog as well. It can make it possible for your dog to relax from the allergic effect, because it is known for,

  1. Reducing the inflammation
  2. Bring comfort
  3. Ease pain from the allergic reaction

CBD Oil is available in many flavors and you can successfully add it to your dog food. Your dog will get better and even a sense of comfort against the effects of allergic reactions and all thanks to the CBD supplements.

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