Efficiency Visible At the Pool Equipment repairs

The maintenance of your pool is essential for the proper functioning of your technical installation. Proper maintenance of the swimming pool also reduces the costs of maintenance of the installation. You will consume less cleaning products and your energy bill will be reduced. Here are some tips that will come useful!

Control the pH and chlorine level of your pool water

Regularly test the pool water

Use a good tester

It is recommended to regularly test the pool water. If you use your pool daily and on a long-term basis (for example, during hot summer days), the ideal is to control the pH and the chlorine level every day. If you anticipate by always adding a pH correction product or chlorine in a timely manner, you can make the consumption of these products. With the Willsha Pools repairs equipment the options are perfect.

To properly maintain your pool, you need a good water tester that ideally allows you to directly test two or three parameters, starting with the chlorine level and pH!

Our water testers

  • Control the pH and chlorine level of your pool water
  • Vacuuming in the pool
  • Vacuuming in the pool
  • Less impurities = clean water

Better operation of the technical installation

Vacuuming is not only important for the pool, it’s also important for the homeowner. No one likes to swim in dirty water.

Vacuuming regularly in the pool eliminates impurities. In the case of a manual vacuum cleaner, these impurities are discharged to the filtration installation; if you use a pool robot, they are stored in the filter cartridge. The latter must therefore be regularly cleaned.

When your pool water is clean, the technical installation can filter the water more quickly. In this way, you save the filtration system. The result: loThecompanyr energy consumption and longer plant life!

Maintain the filter

Eliminate impurities from the filter

Better filter operation

The companycannot say it enough: it is necessary to maintain the filtration system by regularly backwashing. Backwashing of the filter must be performed when the pressure in the filter exceeds 1 bar. This pressure must be checked at least once a week!

The backwashing of the filter eliminates impurities. The filter can then again rid the pool of all its impurities. Result: a clean pool water.

Cover the pool

Less impurities in the water

Lightening the heating bill

Some simple actions can facilitate the maintenance of your swimming pool. For example, cover your pool when you are not using it. This limits the amount of impurities that land in the pool.

In addition, the installation of a tarp also has a positive influence on the heating costs of the pool. The tarpaulin maintains the water temperature and prevents rapid cooling of the water on the surface. As a result, the heating system has to run a lot less time and your energy bill is lightened!

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