Fire Protection Experts in Calgary

Whether you want to fit your newly built building with a fire protection system or want to retrofit an older building with a more effective system, you need to involve renowned players in the industry. Luckily, you can find reputable fire protection experts that can assist you. They are able to provide reliable testing, inspection, installation, as well as repair and maintenance of different fire suppression systems.

Fire Protection Experts in Calgary

If you have a building in Calgary that you want fitted with the best fire protection system, you will definitely find experts that have specialized in this. They are known to provide unparalleled installation, testing, inspection, repair and maintenance of different fire protection systems. Whether you are searching for suppliers of quality deluge systems or fire controllers in Calgary, these companies can assist you. They normally deal in:

1. Deluge Systems

These experts usually sell, repair and service quality deluge sprinkler systems, which basically resemble the pre-action systems, although the water does not occupy the piping. Instead, it is simply held back by the deluge valve. This valve is normally opened by the operations of the heat or smoke detecting system. Ideally, the deluge valve usually keeps the water from moving through the piping unless it is prompted. When there is a fire outbreak, the detection system will be activated and water dispersed through the system’s sprinkler heads, which helps in putting out the fire. This system is ideal for use in special hazard areas that are more prone to rapid fire outbreaks.

2. Fire Pumps and Controllers

In a nutshell, fire controllers and pumps are basically control panel devices containing electrical components like relays, switches and circuit breakers. These are usually connected between the sprinkler rise and the waterline’s inlet side. They are either driven by diesel powered or electric motors. Fire pumps, in particular, are usually installed in areas where the water pressure may not be sufficient for a conventional sprinkler system. If you want to purchase a fire controller for your property, you don’t need to look any further, since these companies have some of the best fire controllers in Calgary.

3. Antifreeze Sprinkler System

This system resembles the wet sprinkler system, although it features automatic sprinklers that are connected to the piping and water supply. In this system, a special type of antifreeze solution is placed in the piping. When there is a fire outbreak, the sprinkler head is normally opened by the rising temperatures. The anti-freeze solution is ultimately released, causing the water to start dispersing. This type of system is ideal for use in extremely cold areas, where freezing may occur, damaging the sprinkler system.

These experts are also experienced in handling dry sprinkler systems, special hazard systems, wet sprinkler systems and pre-action systems. You can also count on them to provide you with topnotch engineering and consulting services. Even if you have no clue about the type of system that is best for your property, these experts can advise you accordingly. If you need reliable suppliers of deluge systems, and fire controllers in Calgary, to help you meet your fire protection needs, these professionals can help.

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