Guidelines for creating custom logo mats

These custom logo mats are a great addition to any workplace.

To keep your business’s entrance clean, safe, and professional looking, you will need to use entrance mats.

It is a great way to send a positive message to your guests by embedding your facility’s entry mats with a customized logo or business logo. Custom logo mats can be inexpensively used to accomplish two important tasks: They increase facility protection and boost current marketing and advertising campaigns. Although creating a custom logomat is easy, it requires that you consider basic design principles and styles.

Your company can create stunning logo mats with just a little bit of preparation. They will be sharp, well-designed, and effective in establishing contact with visitors to your facility.

Ideas for Layout of Logo Mats

  1. Minimize the clutter: In general, logo mats that are too complicated will not be effective. Two reasons are why simplicity is so important. Simpler designs are easier to read and more concise. It is important to know that the design will be placed on a mat. Visitors will be walking over the mat for a short time and may only have a few seconds to see the logo, slogan, emblem. A simple logo or image, along with a bold color combination is key to making a mat that communicates your company’s message.
  2. Choose the right orientation: Before purchasing a logo mat you must decide whether the design will be landscape (horizontal), portrait (vertical), or both. Consider the intended use of the mat in your facility to determine the orientation. If the mat will be placed horizontally across an entranceway, choose the landscape orientation. If the custom logo mat will be positioned inside an entranceway, you can choose a portrait orientation. This will also ensure that the logo is displayed in a clear and upright position.

3.Look to Present Ads to Logo Motivation: A custom logo mat design and style does not have to be limited to one slogan or an outdated company logo. Your new logo mats can be inspired by business cards, company websites, or other marketing materials.

4.Choose Different Colors: Most colors must match the organization’s existing color scheme. Coordinating logo mats with the existing logo, personnel uniforms or other decor creates a level of uniformity that allows visitors to easily link the logo and your company. It is important to choose colors that will make your logo pop from the mat’s top. If your logo or visual design is composed of dark colors, you might consider choosing a lighter background. If the logo or design is of a light hue, you can choose a darker background.

5.Install in Strategic Heavy Traffic Areas

It is important to place logo mats in places customers can see easily. You should place them in a way that customers can easily see the logo and brand name every time they visit your business premises. Your custom logo mats should be installed at the main entrance to your office building, reception area, hallways and in all offices doors.

Your custom logo mats must offer other important matting functions, in addition to the above marketing benefits. Your custom logo mats should also be anti-fatigue floor mats. These mats must also offer ergonomic comfort for employees. To avoid slip- and fall accidents at work, you should make sure they are slip-resistant.

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