It’s Not the Size of Your Bedroom, but the Clothes You Own

You keep complaining that you have a small bedroom, and it’s not spacious enough. You even think about remodelling your bedroom so you can fit in a much bigger closet. Before you complain about the size of your bedroom, you have to consider first the number of clothes that you own. Perhaps, it’s time for you to check if all these clothes are worth keeping.

You can let go of some of them

You own too many clothes, but you rarely use most of them. In fact, only half of them are among the clothes you usually wear. Determine which of them you’re willing to let go of. Some of them can go to charitable organizations. If you don’t want to use these clothes anymore, someone else will make the most of them. You can also host a garage sale. Apart from your clothes, gather other items in your bedroom that you’re willing to sell. Perhaps, you can make your room more spacious by taking some things out.

A fitted wardrobe is a good addition

You might also want to consider having bespoke fitted wardrobes in your bedroom. You install the wardrobe and fix it in one area. You can design the wardrobe in a way that it can hold all the things that you own. Your room will be more spacious, and you will enjoy arranging your things with the aid of a bespoke wardrobe. Yes, it might cost you a lot, but you can use it for a long time. As long as you choose quality builders and top materials, your wardrobe will last long. If there are specific designs that you want to see in your wardrobe to accommodate all the things you own, you can also do it. The price will vary depending on your chosen design, materials, and size.

Stop buying new clothes

After finding a way to let go of some of the things you own and have extra space in your bedroom, it’s time for you to change your ways. You can’t keep shopping for more clothes or else you will face the same problem. Don’t feel tempted to buy new clothes that are on sale. Just because they’re available at a low price doesn’t mean you should buy them. It also doesn’t mean that trendy clothing will look great on you. Perhaps, there are other more suitable styles for you.

It’s time for you to assess your attitude towards shopping and do a better job of controlling yourself. Eventually, you might think about bedroom remodelling if you feel like it’s time to do so, and you’re financially capable of doing it. Until then, the current size of your bedroom is enough.

You can also consider other ways of reducing the contents of your bedroom to make it more spacious. Perhaps, you can take unnecessary furniture out or reduce the accessories that are only there for aesthetic purposes.

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