Different types of bioethanol fireplaces available for heating

Though many homes have electrical fireplaces, these are not reliable since they will not work when there is a power cut. So many people are interested in alternative fireplaces. The fireplaces using wood are not convenient, because wood is very bulky, and leaves ashes which are messy to clean up. The gas fired fireplaces using natural gas or LPG, produce carbon monoxide which is toxic and their efficiency is also lower, since less heat reaches the room. Hence many people are opting for bioethanol fireplaces, since they are more efficient in heating the room, have a visible flame and do not produce any toxic gas.

There are a large number of designs of bio-ethanol fireplaces which are available and customers can choose the most suitable fireplace depending on their budget and where they wish to install it. These fireplaces are extremely convenient to use and install, since they are portable and no power cable, gas connection is required. The fireplaces for five different brands Naked Flame, Ecosmart, Decoflame, Vauni, Brown Jordan are available. The free standing fireplaces are the most popular fireplaces since they can be placed in the middle of the room which has to be heated. These are available in different colours, shapes and are mainly suitable for indoor use.

In homes or properties which have a limited amount of space, wall mounted fireplaces can be used. Like paintings or other wall decor, these fireplaces can be hung on the wall and also decorate it since they are available in a large number of colours. Fireboxes are fireplaces which are portable and can be used indoors or outdoors as required. Tabletop fireplaces are compact and are suitable for placing on tables. Fireplace and burner inserts are compact and can be easily inserted in the fireplace or other place indoors or outdoors to create customised fires. There are fireplaces which are designed for outdoor fire pits also available.

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