Why cast iron radiators are making a comeback

Home renovation projects have been in vogue as long as we’ve had homes to decorate, and just like the catwalks of the fashion world, there are definite trends with what people are looking to achieve with their decoration. Now, with people also conscious about the environment and the impact we have on it, energy efficient heating is also in high demand, so it is no surprise that cast iron radiators are big news again.

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Never out of fashion

A classic cast iron radiator is timeless. Having one in your home, or office, is an asset. At home, you can create a beautiful, traditional atmosphere matching a classic radiator with a traditional print or striped wallpaper to complement the style. If you prefer a mis-match or clash of styles, clash the traditional radiator with a modern wallpaper, or paint.

Energy efficiency

Cast iron retains heat for much longer than steel or other metals, making it a great choice for radiator manufacturers. It also needs a lesser amount of energy to heat a room than other materials, and can heat larger spaces as well. However, these radiators only work at their optimum efficiency when they are not covered, so do not be tempted to add a cabinet or shelf.

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Life can be difficult for those living with dust allergies, but cast iron radiators can help. Modern alternatives circulate air around the room using convection, so when that happens, dust particles can also be moved around. Cast iron radiators, as the name suggests, radiate heat, so there is less air movement and consequently less dust movement.

There is such a wide scope for different styles of cast iron radiator, that whatever look you are trying to create, ‘wow’ comes as standard. Whether you opt for Rococo or Gothic, Edwardian or Victorian, you’ll create a unique style with a character that is all your own.

You can often find cast iron column radiators at reclamation yards, and here’s a useful design-led article to help you choose https://www.bisque.co.uk/blog-and-press/radiators-for-vintage-interiors. If you prefer to buy new a wide range of column radiators is available to choose from.

Knowing that these radiators can be adapted to suit different interior styles means they can represent a sound investment. Make the radiator the focal point of any scheme and you will always have a stunning talking point.

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