16 quick tips to maximise your patio’s curb appeal

If you want to maximise the curb appeal of your property, we have some great tips that can help you create a stylish and appealing patio area.

  1. Invest in beautiful garden furniture – There is only one place to begin, and this is with stylish garden furniture. After all, your patio is a place for relaxing and socialising, and so a good set of tables and chairs is a must. Rattan garden furniture comes highly recommended. Not only does it look great but it is durable as well.
  2. Add some outdoor art – Another tip for adding some personality and sparkle to your patio area is to invest in some outdoor art. This could be anything from sculptures to metal cut-outs and wind chimes. Choose something that is going to complement the exterior elements of your home.
  3. Bring the indoors outside – This is one of the most popular outdoor trends at the moment, and it is not hard to see why. It is all about bringing some of the comfort and luxury from inside of your home, outside. You can do this with luxe throws and cushions for your patio area. However, you do not need to spend a lot. At the end of the day, these items are still going to be exposed to the outdoor elements, and so you need to keep this in mind while shopping.
  4. Make a herb wall – A herb wall adds heaps to a patio area, especially if you like to entertain a lot. Not only does it look great but you can use the herbs while cooking and in cocktails, and they also make the area smell amazing.
  5. Create the wow factor with a water sculpture – A water sculpture is an exciting choice because not only do they look amazing but they add a peaceful and soothing element to your patio space.
  6. Invest in quality outdoor lighting – One of the most effective ways of boosting the curb appeal of your patio is by adding landscape lighting. This will generate a welcoming atmosphere.
  7. Add colour with a planting bed – Add contrast and colour to your patio area with a new planting bed. Look for features that are going to enhance and frame your home. For example, pre-cast concrete blocks are ideal for edging the bed. Also, make sure there is a mix of plant size, colour, and texture.
  8. Build a walkway – One suggestion to give your home greater curb appeal is to build a walkway. This is going to make your home feel warmer and inviting. The walkway may be from your patio to your front door area, for example. It all depends on the layout of your garden and property. There are lots of different options as well, for example, you may opt for a stone walkway or one that is made from concrete.
  9. Invest in a new surface – One of the most effective ways to add some curb appeal to your patio area is to invest in a new patio surface altogether. This is especially the case if your patio is old and the surface appears worn. There are many different options available to you here. A lot of people like block paving patios, yet you can also go for wood. Spend some time considering your options and get a number of quotes before you make your final decision.
  10. Create perfect symmetry – It is easy to arrange symmetry, and it looks outstanding on the eye.
  11. Install window boxes – An easy way of adding colour and charm to your patio area is with window boxes. Copper or iron is good if you want more of a traditional look. For a cottage feel, go for window boxes made from wood and finish with some paint.
  12. Decorate with fairy lights – There is something magical about fairy lights. They add a charming and enchanting feel to any area they are placed in. This is something that will look beautiful in your patio area.
  13. Create a cooking area – Rather than simply plonking a barbecue outside, it is a good idea to create a designated outdoor cooking area. This is somewhere that will make your garden much more enjoyable while also boosting your home’s value and curb appeal. You could have an outdoor sink and different cooking elements, for instance. We recommend taking a look on Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration!
  14. Add a swing seat or bench – You want to make your patio your go-to place for relaxing, and the best way to do this is with luxe garden furniture. A comfortable bench or a swing seat can make all of the difference, creating a serene and opulent environment.
  15. Add colour and patterns – It is important to use colour, but to use it carefully. The exterior of your home is likely to be neutral and muted unless you have a bright pink property! Therefore, when using colour in your patio area, it is always better to accessorise and highlight. This is where bright coloured cushions and patterned throws work wonder. This will make the space look more vibrant and appealing, without making it look cheap.
  16. Think outside of the patio itself – Last but not least, if you want to add curb appeal to this part of your garden space, then you need to think outside of the patio itself. You need to consider how you can enhance your entire garden, as this is all going to impact the patio at the end of it. So, why not add some steps to make the area more accessible and inviting, for example? Another option is to get a new fence installed. These are improvements that will not only impact your patio, but your outside space as a whole.

As you can see, there are a number of different steps that can be taken when it comes to your patio’s curb appeal. If you follow some of the 16 different tips that have been discussed, you are bound to blow people away with your stunning outside area.


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