2018 Backyard Hardscaping Trends

Building a better outdoor home area can help you and your family spend more time outdoors, build a better outside ecosystem, and create a home away from home in your own backyard. But when it comes to backyard design, how do you know what decisions to make when choosing hardscaping structures? Unlike traditional landscaping elements, hardscaping trends like Pavers naples provide a more permanent option for outdoor design. That means that you have to be 100% certain about your choices when aiming for a sustainable, beautiful-looking backyard. If you’re looking for the hottest hardscaping trends of the year, here are some to choose from.

Green Structures

Rather than choosing structures that take up a lot of space and don’t serve a lot of purpose, homeowners are looking to install sustainable structures with purpose. In addition to using repurposed objects and recycled materials, outdoor areas benefit from eco-friendly paving stones and other creative ways of draining and re-using rainwater in the outdoors. Using pavers that are able to reduce street flooding and conserve water can also help promote a more natural-looking, on-trend outdoor area.

A “Less is More” Aesthetic

Instead of large, overbearing trellises and giant overhanging structures, modern patios are embracing less showy structures that are more sturdy and functional. These include outdoor fireplace areas, stone structures, man-made ponds, and more crafty-looking elements like outdoor swings and outdoor pathways. Even when it comes to building sustainable gardens, giving more space to plant and edible growth rather than large, imposing structures can help open up an outdoor space and pull the focus back toward nature rather than artificial design elements.


No garden is complete these days without water running through it. In addition to modern homes embracing eco-friendly irrigation options and conservation-focused stone pavers, many patios prefer to build a simple water fountain or pond in a central area to offset the lushness of the outdoors. For homeowners with outdoor gardens and large patios, this is an especially elegant option. You don’t have to spend big to get a great outdoor fountain, either. Due to the rising popularity of self-contained water structures, there are tons of options available across different price ranges.

Indoor Features on the Outside

Creating the perfect outdoor haven requires more than just natural beauty. In order to truly relax on your patio, you have to bring the style and comfort of the indoors to your outdoor area. This means setting up comfortable chairs that give the average lawn chair or recliner a run for its money, elegant dining tables, and fire pits or designated grill areas for entertaining. These areas can be sectioned off by a gazebo or separate structure or made moveable with easy-to-rearrange lawn chairs and comfortable, plush outdoor furniture models. If you can’t make up your mind, try investing in a converter kit that allows you to change things up. You can use one space as a fire pit and a small garden depending on the season. If you’re worried about putting fancier furniture outdoors, protect it with an awning or artistic overlay during rainy days.

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