5 Symptoms of Damaged Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes are among the essential wastewater channels that require maximum supervision, which many individuals do not recognize. In the instance there is a blockage, you will have to get into unblocking and pipe repairs by the relining company to ensure a smooth flow of sewer lines. Therefore, you have to understand the symptoms which indicate broken or damaged sewer pipes. Some of the signs include;

  1. Bad Odors

You may receive bad smells when indoors or at the garden or at the yard which is odd and stinky. As the sewer pipes remain connected well to the main drains, then flow should be smooth without any distractions. However, when you have bad smells, it becomes a symptom that there is slow drainage or total damage of the sewer pipes. The problem may have resulted from mold and mildew, a fungus that develops in moist environments. Grease and sometimes tree roots may also play a significant role in creating bad odors which are much unpleasant hence polluting the environment.

  1. Repeated Clogged Pipes

You may discover that water sometimes clogs and after sometime, it drains slower than usual. The clogs are a symptom of a broken or damaged pipes resulting from sediment buildup, which require a professional plumber. Frequent clogs may as well result from other causes such as tree roots or mold, which grow within the pipes. If you see any slow drainage process or water clogs in the toilet or sinks, then it’s one sign of a blocked sewer pipe which requires immediate service to remove the materials preventing the flowing wastewater.

  1. Mold Problems

The growth of molds usually results from the region being moist, wet or humidity higher than 55% over time hence conducive for its development. When you see, behind your wall having any molds, then it might be due to a broken pipe, cracked or clogged sewer pipe at one end hence hindering the flow of water. The availability of molds on the sewer lines or behind the walls indicates the symptoms of a damaged sewer pipe. The problem of mold generation mostly occurs on instances of blocked ducts causes by flushing wrong things in the toilet or other related activities. This is an indication when pipe repairs by the relining company is needed. Because such problems can’t be ignored or even managed by yourself.

  1. Wastewater Pools At The Yard

Sewer pooling at your yard is one of the apparent signs of a blocked sewer pipe either leaking septic waste to the surface or total damage which exposes the wastewater to the yard. The problem is usually under the yard as leaking or broken pipes frequently dispose their contents directly to the surface. The problem may accompany an infestation of insects such as cockroaches and sewer flies which are common at sewers. Cockroaches cause a lot of health problems such as allergies which flies are usually irritating and infectious hence spreading diseases.

  1. Damages To The Building Foundation

Foundations problems may arise on instances of sewer pipes laid under your slab, which may damage the pipes on cases of leakages. One of the characteristic features includes cracks on the foundation, walls and sometimes sinkholes of the general floor. The problem may occur on the event the damages may have happened long enough to weaken the foundation and the anchoring soils hence resulting in an abrupt impact. On situations you see a cracked wall or the foundation slab weakening, you consult immediately with the relevant authorities to avoid cases of higher damages.

When you observe such symptoms at your home or office, understand that these are features that suggest that the sewer pipes have a problem and require immediate repairs or replacement. Hence consults professional team to come and have a video inspection to establish the direct cause of the problem and the correct measures be taken at once.

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