7 Trendy Homes With Temporary Wallpaper

Do you like  wallpaper ? Do you know how to  decorate your home  with wallpapers? If you don’t know how to  decorate your kitchen walls, Washroom, Bedroom and children’s room , keep an eye out for our tips! In this article you will get to know about the necessary arrangements for your home walls.

  1. Decor your kitchen walls.
  2. Match the wall color with the furniture of the living room.
  3. Make your appliances match.
  4. Don’t forget to look at the overall look of your home.
  5. Add removable floral wallpapers
  6. Bedroom decorations with the trendy non adhesive material
  7. The most important, decorating your children’s room.

Children’s room is all good! And as they grow so fast, it’s good to make the most of this time!

I’m tired of saying that decorating with  wallpaper  is great! The amount of models, patterns, colors and textures gives us almost infinite options to decorate an environment.

And  decorating a children’s room  with wallpapers can be a fantastic experience, with surprising results. Let’s get to the tips!

Tips on how to decorate a children’s room with wallpaper

Is your little pimpolho still a baby? This is the   ideal wallpaper for her! Is your big baby getting a boy? There are also wallpapers that will make his room “angry”! (laughter)

My God, what a beautiful thing! Beautiful baby room decorated with  wallpaper  with pink flowers and butterflies and simple green flowers

But if your baby is a cute little boy, see what an interesting and joyful option. Wallpaper  with motifs of carts, trucks and colorful trains, matching the pillows and pictures, composing a very festive decoration. But if you are one of those or those who like surprises, and don’t want to know the sex of the puppy or puppy, see what a beautiful neutral option!

Your little girl has grown up and already knows very well what she wants! How about this  wallpaper  with giant drawn flowers, multicolored and cheerful?

Are your two big boys already quite grown up and are they very fond of boating and seeing the sea? No problem! See what a nice decoration, all in nautical motifs! The  wallpaper  in blue and white stripes finishes off the beauty of the environment!

Now you ask me: is it very difficult to put  wallpaper  in  a children’s room ? Are there any contraindications? Is paper safe for my children?

What Every Mom and Dad Needs to Know About Children’s Bedroom Wallpapers

Is it safe  to wallpaper  in  a children’s room ?

  • Currently, yes! For a long time, wallpapers had very toxic elements in their compositions, especially in pigmentation but if you go with the best type of wall paper peel and stick. This will surely be safe!
  • Currently, industries that manufacture wallpaper for decoration are extra careful and only use non-toxic materials.
  • Even when the papers are not adhesive and need to be glued, this glue can already be found with a non-toxic formula.
  • Even better is to use the wallpaper  already adhesive, which reduces the application time and leaves no residues.
  • What about the risk of increasing the spread of fire in the event of a fire? Wallpapers must not be placed in environments with imminent fire hazard.
  • You should also avoid placing wallpaper  on surfaces that can easily dampen. Moisture can stain and fill the paper with fungus!

So, be careful when  decorating a kids room wallpaper ! They are beautiful, but require some care. But, I recognize that they are worth the effort!


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