A Guide to a Stress Free Moving Experience

Moving house can be an exciting experience, but also one fraught with problems and stress. What looks simple enough at first glance, can quickly become the stuff of nightmares. The biggest mistake most people make when assessing how difficult the move will be, is in looking at what needs to be moved. The larger items don’t seem to be so bad, but often what really takes the time and drives you crazy is dealing with the smaller items. You often don’t realise how much stuff you have until you need to move it. Finding the right removals company can seriously simplify everything, so all you then need to do is make your way to the new house, stress free. There are a few key things to focus on in finding the right one however, as all removal companies are not the same, and this is an operation that really does need to run smoothly.

A friendly and helpful attitude

From the first enquiry, it is reassuring to hear a warm, friendly and helpful voice, and a willingness to listen to your needs and to cater to them. You want a company that will pay attention to fragiles and breakables with the same care you would give yourself. As you are entrusting your possessions to the removalists, any firm that isn’t ready to do this for you, probably also isn’t who you want handling your expensive items.

Fully Comprehensive Service

The big pieces are easy. The smaller items that need to be boxed and packed can be very time consuming and when they get to your new home, finding what has ended up where can be horrendous. Trained specialists who use a professional labelling system, when doing the packing, ensures unpacking becomes simple and also helps you ensure stuff you no longer want doesn’t clutter up your new home.


It is important to ensure you are using people who really know what they are doing. Two guys with a van might look attractive, until they break down and can’t provide alternatives, leaving you with no way to be out of your old house on time. Good sized firms, with a fleet of vehicles and an array of customer testimonials are far more likely to make things run smoothly.

Compare Prices

For the homeowner who is looking to relocate, house removal costs in Essex and around the country are very competitive, though the most expensive companies do not necessarily provide the best service. It is a good idea to obtain several written quotes and have those quotes confirm that there are no hidden extras that will pop up later and ruin your budget. Beware any quotes that seem markedly lower than the general average. What seems a bargain, could be the beginning of a horror story. Once you make your choice make sure the agreement with the final price is in writing.


Ensure your chosen firm has a Plan B, in case the planned vehicle or staff encounter a problem. If you have to work to a specific schedule, this is absolutely essential. If they don’t have contingency options, you probably need to go somewhere who does. Choose the right firm and your move should be smooth and you can enjoy your new home, with someone else, quite literally, carrying the load.


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