Don’t Leave Home Without Locking These 10 Important Things in Your Safe

The idea of a home safe is becoming increasingly popular for residents of the UK. They are a safe and secure way to protect both personal and family items. Having a house fire or experiencing a break-in can be devastating and often times very costly. Things that cannot be replaced will often be lost, such as keepsakes, personal data and documents. A good way to stop this from happening is with a fireproof or underfloor safe. However, people are often put off by the cost. Let’s look at some of the things you should keep under lock and key, in order to help you appreciate the value in installing a safe in your home.



This is not something we tend to use, carry around or have at home as much as we used to. However, even a small amount will be better off locked away rather than stuffed under a mattress. It will also be very comforting to know that should anything bad happen, there will be a supply of ready cash near at hand.


Think about all the personal information stored on your laptop and the possible consequences if it should fall into the wrong hands. It’s not the value of the laptop or tablet that is the issue, but what is stored on it.


Do you store items of jewellery on your bedside table? Many of them will not be cheap to replace and are an obvious temptation for thieves. Storing such items only takes a few minutes and will ensure your sentimental and precious items are safe for ever.


It may be very tempting to have such items on display but the high personal value of such items makes them impossible to replace. They may also have a very high price tag, especially if they are very old items.


Replacing these is very costly and also inconvenient. Such an important document, with all your personal information shouldn’t be allowed to fall into the wrong hands either.

Title Deeds

If you own property or land you will have title deeds, and these are very valuable pieces of paper that will be expensive and difficult to replace. The best type of safe for paper documents is a fire proof safe.

Insurance Documents

This type of document is not particularly valuable and is fairly easy to replace. However, any kind of documentation relating to insurance deserves to be kept somewhere safe.

Birth certificates

These have a sentimental value as well as being difficult to replace. Whether it’s your own and is looking a little faded and torn, or it is the birth certificates of your children, they should be protected.


It is vital that this important document is kept safe. The contents of a will are very sensitive and requesting a copy can be very costly as well as stressful.


We’re not talking about paracetamol or aspirin, but other more important medication. Something like insulin should be kept safe and out of the reach of children. Certain prescription drugs will also be very attractive for thieves.


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