How to apply feng shui to your living room

Feng shui is all about a space filled with positive energy. Introducing this into your living area can often be challenging, so let’s look at some top tips to set you on your way.

The most important thing to get you started is to make sure your space is clutter-free, as feng shui energy simply cannot exist in a room that is overpowered by furniture and chattels. Once the space is clear, keep to a strict organisational scheme.

Light it up
Bad lighting is an enemy of feng shui. Whether you need a Cheltenham double glazed window company or a Victorian sash window expert, make sure you let in as much natural light as possible. Don’t forget to utilise ceiling, table and floor lamps to create different layers of lighting.

Air flow
Just as with light, the components of feng shui will not work in a space with stale air. Open your windows as much as possible. You may even decide to change them altogether after consulting a specialist such as To enhance positive air flow, use aromatherapy essential oils in a diffuser.

Decoration tips
Colours relate to different feng shui elements. To get started you will need to define the energy map of the space, which is known as bagua; for example, a room in the south feng shui bagua area will benefit from colours of fire and wood, such as red, brown, orange and yellow.

Strength in shape
To enhance the feng shui energy in your room, choose shapes related to the room’s bagua area; for example, a north-facing room will benefit from wavy decorating shapes akin to the flow of water.

The flow of energy
Chi flow is one of the main elements of feng shui. Meaning universal energy, this is all to do with the flow of nourishing energy and is often visualised as water flow. To ensure your space benefits from the flow of chi, experiment with furniture arrangements to ensure the energy can flow unhindered.

A feng shui room is one in which everybody who spends time in the space feels relaxed and at ease, which essentially means that the room affords enough breathing space for all. Move forward with these basic principles and you will create beautiful energy.

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