How to Create the Perfect Family Garden Space

Having an outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to the spring and summer months. Being outdoors is great for both adults and children, with health benefits and overall wellbeing benefits that will ensure you feel happier and healthier from day to day. By creating the perfect family garden, you can ensure you and your household have somewhere to go to enjoy some fresh air, whilst staying safe and secure in the comfort of your own home.

Landscape Planning

Start by thinking about the layout and design of your garden, as this will help you to plan out your end goal and give you something to work towards. You want to have a surface that is easy and safe to use for the whole family, for example having a grassed area and patio area can help to break your garden up into sections that will serve certain purposes. You want your garden to be fairly low maintenance so that you can enjoy it without having to worry about spending too much time keeping it neat and tidy, as family life is already busy enough! Take a look on Pinterest for some inspiration on how to create the perfect layout and zones within your garden to make it as family friendly as possible.

Image Source: The Little Design Corner

Creating Zones

Being able to use your garden for a number of different purposes is a great way of utilising the space you have and by creating zones, you can open up your garden to the whole family. You want to aim to have space for socialising, ideal for barbeques and garden parties, as well as a quiet space for reading or relaxing (with a stylish wooden seating area like below) and, of course, a play area. Having these different zones will ensure the whole family can enjoy the garden at the same time, whilst doing different things to have fun. You’ll also find that splitting your garden up into zones helps to create a warm and welcoming space that people can enjoy.

Image Source: Two Wests

Play Equipment

Outdoor play is a great way of ensuring your little ones are getting their daily dose of fresh air, whilst giving them the perfect spot to play and have their very own adventures each day. With so many items of play equipment now available for the garden, from trampolines and swing sets to paddling pools and swing ball games, you need to focus on what your own family would find the most fun and invest in those items. It’s always good to have items that the whole family can get involved with, like a good game of football or a few hours on the trampoline! It’s a great way of keeping active and getting the family together to have some fun.

Image Source: Pinterest

Keeping it Safe

Ensuring your garden is safe and secure is essential, especially when your whole family are enjoying your outdoor space. There are lots of security measures that you can put in place and the most important include things like security lighting, safe and secure play equipment, reliable fencing that keeps your garden private and much more. If you feel your garden needs to step up its security game, such as adding a lock to the side gate or removing any dangerous tools and equipment to the shed out of the way of your children, then now is the time to whip it into shape and make sure it’s a safe place for the whole family to enjoy.

Image Source: Locks and Keys Surrey

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