How To Grow a Perfect Lawn?

Don’t all of us desire a lawn that looks straight out of those home magazines? To achieve this wish, every year, millions of people spend a huge chunk of their money trying to maintain a rich, green lawn but can still fail at times.

There are a few nuances that you have to keep in mind to help you get that perfect lawn. Wondering what those are? Read on to find exactly that.

Spend Time Planning Your Lawn

When you are planning your lawn, you have to consider a lot of factors like your budget, the location of the lawn, your own schedule to help you determine the time that you can devote, and so on. You can simply make decisions without prior knowledge or research.

When we talk about lawn maintenance, saying it is an expensive affair is putting it lightly. You have to cover the land with grass, get it trimmed and mowed, protect it from those persistent weeds, and then there’s the process of fertilization and feeding – there is just so much to do!

Keeping this in mind, if you feel that you are tight on budget, or if you do not have the necessary time, it will do you well to have a smaller lawn. Yet, if you still want to have a large lawn, you can opt for low maintenance alternatives as well. For example, you can employ artificial grass instead of real grass. Another option would be to incorporate hardscapes like pathways made of colored stones or gravel, or patios to reduce the amount of grass needed. Lawn-planning can, most certainly, go a long way.

Develop a Proper Mowing Routine Keeping the Grass on the Longer Side

Mowing your lawn is an integral part of having a pleasant-looking patch of green. You should mow your grass as frequently as you can as well. Yes, this may not sound thrilling but you have to make mowing a part of your routine for keeping the yard in its best condition.

A common mistake that most of us make is to cut the grass too short. We assume that this will help us save time but, we aren’t aware that short grass can pave the way for weeds. On the other hand, taller grass is actually healthier making your lawn look better. A good rule of thumb would be to never cut more than one-third of the grass blade.

Also, try to keep the blades of your mower sharp as a dull blade will leave you with brown or greyish grass. This is because the blades tear the grass, making the edges looked ragged. This is also the reason why you should periodically keep replacing the blades of your lawnmower. If you feel that mowing might be too much for you, we will suggest you invest in a self-propelled lawnmower as they do most of the work themselves with you only need to supervise the equipment. Thank God for technology!

Get a Timer-activated Sprinkler System Installed in Your Lawn

We know how the flowers, plants, and shrubs require water to nurture and grow. This is also why a timer-activated sprinkler system can be perfect for you if you have packed a schedule. The reason we say this is because if you are not diligent with watering your lawn, they will wither away with time. Something which you definitely don’t want to happen.


This type of sprinkler system can help you remain totally at ease when it comes to watering your plants. Not only will you not have to worry about manually watering your plants, but you will also be free from constantly turning the sprinkler system on and off. If you are not really happy with the idea of a sprinkler system, you can also opt for a drip system. Drip systems are equally effective and efficient to keep your lawn top-notch.

Protect Your Lawn from the Damage that Weeds can Cause

When it comes to weed, it is better to control them before they can develop a root system in the lawn. Use pre-emergent herbicide to curb the pesky and hard to demolish weeds like the broadleaf variety, et cetera.

Try to understand the type of weed killer that you would need to protect your lawn from its clutches. When you’re applying a product, you also have to take special care to protect your desired foliage from the eradicating effect of certain weed killers. Be careful to follow the instructions that are usually printed on the back of the packaging and wear the necessary protective equipment and clothing as well.

There is a wide range of weed killers available in the market at the moment. Make sure that you use a product formula that is suitable for your lawn in terms of the foliage that you have. You also should be comfortable using it as well.

Plant Native Shrubs and Trees that are Low Maintenance

A lot of us are keen to have exotic plants on our lawn to make it look more attractive and unique. But, sticking to native plants can save you a lot of time and effort since they are in their natural climate making them thrive. In comparison to non-native plants and grass, native plants and grass are more adaptable to temperature change, require less water, and can fight pests and diseases more effectively.

Initially, you will need to carry out elaborate market research to find the correct plants that suit your tastes and preferences while being native. However, in the long run, it is you who will benefit as well.

By using the above-mentioned tips, you won’t ever have to worry about a lawn that looks dull or looks anything other than perfect. Careful planning can go a long way when it comes to lawn planning. Not only will you be able to save a lot of time maintaining it, but you will also have a lawn that your neighbors will envy.

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