How to Match the Right Window and Door Styles to Your Home

Designing a home that combines the best elements of modern and traditional styles can be difficult, especially for new homeowners. That’s why using new windows, especially ENERGY STAR certified windows, can be the best way to get you there. Using home windows and doors to create a beautiful, cohesive visual style of your home won’t just increase curb value, it will help you save money in the long run by combining practicality and style. Your home windows and doors don’t need to stand out, but they do need to make visual sense for your home as well as giving you the ability to easily heat and cool your home all year round. But how do you go about finding the window and door styles that are right for you? If you’re stumped, here are a few tips to help you create a stylish, efficient new home in no time.

Choose Your Style

If you’re living in an older home, many of the more important stylistic decisions have probably been made for you. However, if you have more creative control over how you want your home to look, you can easily choose a style that works for you and find windows and doors that won’t steal the show. If you’re someone who values a more traditional look, choosing a straightforward window style, like classic double-hung or single-hung windows, can be the perfect look. If you’re looking to tie together a few disparate elements, choosing a large picture window to be the centerpiece can help give everything a more cohesive look and feel. If you want your doors and windows to the main event, try going for detailed bay windows and a large door with a fixed window in the center to give your home a vintage look.

 Work with What You’ve Got

Many homeowners don’t have too much of a say over what constitutes their home’s style. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give a pre-existing home your own signature style. If you have a craftsman-style home or a traditional home, you can use double-hung windows as replacements to give you a better view and increase your home’s curb value. Homes that have a more contemporary style can always benefit from large windows and tons of natural light, including doors with large windows cutouts and clean, classic lines. Victorian homes, on the other hand, require lots of detail and frosted or wavy glass for additional privacy. You can even play around with colored glass and dark wood for your doors and frames.

Stay Energy Efficient

Whatever window or door styles you choose, you’ll want to get the best value for your money. That means choosing models that will allow you to regulate your home’s internal temperature without racking up heating and cooling bills. If you’re choosing double-hung or casement windows, be sure to get the models with the highest R-value for better insulation. You’ll also want to make sure you seal and weatherproof all your larger fixed windows, such as picture windows or bay windows, to protect the rest of your home from unpleasant drafts and leaks.




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