How to reduce garbage at Home?

When purchasing (unnecessary) products, the importance of reducing garbage in our homes, sources of work, is a practical but by far important.

If we reduce waste we will be collaborating in the topic of environmental preservation from several aspects. We can use services to remove rubbish such as rubbish removal Cardiff.

Less garbage means buying fewer items, therefore, the demand for them (which demand fossil fuels to be made or transported) will reduce the ecological footprint or the impact of the consumption of fuels, wrapping paper, plastics in a place where it is unfortunately. They have become part of the landscape, and a long etcetera.

In an enunciative and non-restrictive way, I give some suggestions that are very useful to your consideration. Do not forget that if more people put them into practice, the greater the environmental benefit.

Tips to reduce waste.-

  • Ask them to pack your purchases in the least amount of bags and it is better if you carry your own reusable bag. It is the best thing we can do to avoid that “tsunami” of plastic that suffocates us.
  • If you have physical space in your home, perform the behavior of your food remains. In this way you will produce a supreme quality fertilizer. Composting consists, in a few words, of burying organic waste so that it decomposes or degrades naturally.
  • Reduce and better, replace the use of rolls of paper in the kitchen. We know that before a spill of a liquid, we use the kitchen paper to clean it. Absurd if we are in the current “give a hand” to the environment. At that, use a towel or rag. We will save paper
  • Buy and use reusable bottles. It is proven, except in cities with poor drinking water service that the use of water bottles is absurdly a waste of money because we pay more for the packaging than for the content. Yes, that plastic container can take tens of yearsto be biodegraded.
  • When some artifact breaks or does not work, avoid throwing it, take it to the appropriate technical service to try to find a solution.
  • It will seem inconsequential but if many people comply with using rechargeable batteries, what would make the difference. We would avoid that those toxins in batteries and batteries are released to the environment and / or pollute water courses.
  • Use the internet to make your payments, bank inquiries, and so on. We do not have that habit of accepting or collecting the bulletins with advertisements that are in supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, and others.
  • Use refillable ink cartridges instead of sealed ones and for single use. Companies are astute and they lead us to consumerism. Do not fall for that and look for alternatives to use two, three or four times those cartridges.
  • Speaking of small actions, stop using disposable coffee filters. In the market you will find reusable filters.
  • Save and use the gift paper that you give us. You do not know how much paper is spent especially at Christmas. Reuse and both the trees and the environment will thank you.
  • It favors companies that give you the option of choosing their packaging or boxes made of recycled cardboard. Claim if this is not the case or if they use containers larger than necessary. Once you have it, save it or give it to people who need new packaging.
  • Donate the things you no longer use. You will do well to your neighbor, you will extend the useful life of the product and you will avoid contributing to the generation of garbage.

Closing the present topic, you will have noticed that reducing garbage demands simple actions where common sense must command. Do not disregard these tips. Do not forget that you are not alone and that there are many of us who want to put these tips into practice and without doubts that we will mark the change.

It is important to educate yours, it is necessary to “evolve” towards a more refined society in its waste management practices and we will only achieve this with the work of the authorities and the citizens. What better than to press and supervise the work of politicians knowing the case and not letting ourselves be carried away like “sheep” as the political class likes to do.


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