How To Replace Your Current LED Lights?

This is a question asked by many of the users. Maintaining it and replacing it seems to be big trouble for all us users. Here in this article, we would give you more information on how you can deal with such a situation.

How do you change the LED lights? 

This process of changing LED lights is very simple and easy. Modern LED ceiling lights consist of a pair of small clamps which are made to hold onto the ceiling. These clams have some springs that will force them to push the lights to the interior of the ceilings. The next thing that you need to do is to bring down the old fixture which will come off automatically. Make sure that you hold the clamps so that they don’t snap down on your fingers.

The final step is to disconnect the old fixture from the power source and connect the new one to it. all you need to do is to push the clamps up along with the fixture pushing it into its place. Getting modern lights have now become very easy due to many online stores and one of them being Sofary, which is one of the best retail stores in the US. Sofary lightings are not only of the best quality but you can get them at affordable prices too.

Do you need an electrician for this?

So, this can be a little difficult to understand, but you need to know how your house’s electrical installation is done. Also, the fixtures need to be very well accessible for you. So, if you have all the necessary tools that are required for it and you are confident enough to handle it then you can do anything yourself.

Be very careful when you are doing this job as any mistake can put you in trouble. The maximum that can happen is a fire hazard if you don’t do your job well. On other hand, this is a professional’s job. So if you hire someone for it then you can get this job done very smoothly and easily. If anything goes wrong, then you can ask the electrician or the company he comes from to pay for your losses. Keep in mind, that before you start any work always make sure that your main fuse box is turned off to avoid any mishaps.

How easy it is to change the light fittings?

All you need to do is follow some user manuals in the box. But sometimes you would need some additional wirings or installations. For example, if you need to install some chandeliers or hanging lamps then you need some additional supports or accessories.

How can you fix LED lights to chandeliers?

For something like a bag-style crystal chandelier, the fixing can be done the same as your normal fittings. All you need would be a bright light bulb that reflects your crystals and sparkles. For brand-style chandeliers, you would need candlelight bulbs. For this, you can consider satin light bulbs or frosted ones.


All the light fittings have the same kind of process, all you need is some knowledge and some confidence in doing it on your own. If you are in doubt you can consult your electrician to avoid further issues.

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