Party tent secrets revealed for the best purchase

Party tents and canopies for celebrations are available in different versions, shapes and colors. They can have side parts with windows, a fancy tent roof, an open entrance area, a lockable entrance area, a round or angular shape, or they can go around a corner. Custom-made party tents can also be considered.

Folding tent

The classic party tent is the folding tent, which in most cases consists of a grid made of aluminum or metal and the corresponding tarpaulin, which must be unfolded and stretched. A big advantage of this tent variant is the quick assembly and dismantling and the flexible way of transport. Such party tents are available from 50 euros.

Pagoda tent

This tent shape is more similar to a Bedouin tent, as the middle of the roof is pointed. It is usually angular and looks like the folding tent. It basically only differs in the shape of the roof.

Party tent for barbecues

Of course, garden parties are always ready to barbecue. The grill can also be placed in the tent itself if a suitable tent is selected. A special party grill tent has a roof crown that allows the smoke to escape.

Wedding tents / pavilion

At an outdoor wedding party, a beautiful, large, white pavilion usually looks good. Wedding tents come more in the form of a pavilion and are correspondingly larger and higher. You should use fabric pavilions here, as white fabric looks more elegant than white plastic.

Rent, borrow or buy a party tent?

If a garden party is organized and thrown more often, the party tent is used far more often than at a wedding celebration, which (hopefully) only takes place once in a lifetime. Since a party can often be pending for private use, it is usually more worthwhile to buy a party tent yourself.

An alternative is to rent and borrow party tents. Especially for larger events or when the party tent has to be tailored to a very special occasion, it makes little sense to buy a tent for this purpose. Renting a pavilion tent, beer tent or festival tent can definitely be the better option here. Many local providers as well as already offer such a service on favorable terms.

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