Seven cold weather energy-saving tips

There’s a debate whether capping energy prices is a positive move. Some say it is, but others fear it will cause problems. Either way, people still need advice on how to save money on energy bills.

Seven cold weather energy-saving tips
Energy bills are set to rise even higher in the coming years. Here are seven ways you can reduce your bills.

Set Your Timer

Don’t leave your heating on during the day. Set it to turn on a couple of hours before you wake up and then in the evening, too.

Keep The Warmth
Around 20 per cent of heat escapes through cracks in the windows and doors of a house. Draught excluders and well-lined curtains can help the situation. From London to Dublin windows and doors are being replaced to save on long-term energy bills. Companies such as can supply good-quality windows to keep heat inside.

Insulate Your Loft

You can save £250 on energy bills each year by insulating your loft. This is effective in bungalows, where heat escapes a lot quicker.

Remember Your Walls

Many people forget about insulating their walls, but doing so can save £460 a year on energy bills. Around a third of heat is lost through the walls, but the correct type of insulation can prevent this happening. It’s important to seek advice on which insulation is right for your walls.

Switch Items Off

Instead of leaving electrical goods plugged in, switch them off to save money. Around 55 per cent of households have consoles such as PlayStation and XBoxes, which use a lot of energy. Many people also leave their TVs on standby, which isn’t the same as turning it off.

Update Your Appliances

Fridge freezers over 15 years old will use a lot more electricity than needed. It’s worth thinking about purchasing more energy-efficient appliances to save money in the long term. Landlords should buy a new fridge for their tenants if the current one isn’t performing well.

Replace Your Boiler

Older gas boilers don’t perform very well and can affect your energy bills. Newer models have a range of heating controls and a high level of energy-efficiency. An A-rated boiler can save you up to £460 a year, so it’s worth thinking about making the change.

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