Shower seats, wet rooms or hoists: what is the best option for your disabled bathroom makeover?

When someone has a disability that impairs their movement, simple daily tasks can be difficult to undertake without some assistance. This can mean that people can suffer a very real negative impact on their ability to be self sufficient.

Being able to look after yourself is an important part of a dignified way of living and affects the whole quality of life that a person can expect to enjoy, so any measures that can be taken to help independent living are well worth looking into.

When it comes to the use of a bathroom in particular, there are some simple modifications which can make all the difference and allow a person with some forms of disability to enjoy a much easier home life on a day to day basis.

Shower seats 

The fact that many people enjoy a shower more than a bath for the convenience and refreshing effect is one reason why so many homes now feature a fixture of some kind. However, for a person with access and mobility issues, having a shower at home can be almost essential.

Shower seats that are specially made and constructed can be all that is needed to adapt an existing enclosure or to create a new installation designed by expert Engineering Consultants for the unique needs and requirements of a particular user.

Wet rooms 

A wet room is not only one of the hottest concepts in contemporary bathroom design, it is also a perfect solution for many people who may need something more than a traditional bathroom set up.

The idea revolves around a continuously sealed surface that includes floors and walls, so that spillages or excess water do not create a drainage problem. The choice of styles, textures and colours that tiles come in means that a wet room can be finished in a multitude of ways in order to fit in with existing decor around the home or to make a standout style statement.

The unique design of a disabled wet room means that it is perfectly suited for wheelchair users and others with restricted mobility as there are no ledges or levels to be negotiated.


In some cases a hoist is the perfect solution for an existing bathroom that merely needs some modification in order to be fully fit for purpose.

With the advantage that fitting doesn’t necessarily mean redecorating or renovating the entire bathroom, the addition of a hoist can be a simple and straightforward way to make a bathroom more adapted to specific needs.

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