Top 3 Trees Of Summer

Summer is here, and if you have been looking for ways to keep the harsh summer sun in check while simultaneously giving your home garden a little makeover, this is the blog post for you.! Shade trees offer the most natural way to cool your outdoor temperatures; the shade provided by summer trees can be exceedingly satisfying, is worth the try if you have a bare yard. Detailed below are the top three trees for this summer.

  1. Irish Strawberry Tree

This is a dense evergreen tree, which is medium-sized and grows to the height of about 6 – 8 meters. It is among the shadiest of the strawberry fruit trees. The tree is characterized by flowers resembling lilies and also has lovely dark green leaves. After blossoming, the tree bears a fruit, which looks like a strawberry, and it ripens by turning from green to yellow. The Irish Strawberry tree does well in both cold and warm temperatures and requires little maintenance, making it a good fit for northern climes, or those who aren’t always home.

  1. Tulipwood

The Tulipwood is an Australian fruit tree, which grows to be small or medium in size. The tree does well in both subtropical and rainforest areas and has dense natural foliage. It can grow up to ten meters in height, but almost certainly no more than that. The Tulipwood is characterized by red fruit, black seeds, and dark green leaves. The tree offers a dense shade for the summer sun, and during winter and autumn, it sheds off some of its leaves to let the light into your compound.

  1. Cape Chestnut

Cape Chestnut offers an exuberant flower show during the summer with its pink, bunchy flowers. The tree grows relatively quickly, stretching up about one meter in height annually. The tree is native to South Africa as well as other tropical regions. The Cape Chestnut is not really a chestnut tree, but actually has a relationship with the citrus family. The naturally well-shaped Cape Chestnut tree has many possible uses in the summer both in rural, suburban or urban and more open settings.

A shade tree will ameliorate the look of your garden, offer a better place for your children to play or read stories, and a perfect habitat for wildlife, including birds. Once a tree is all grown up, it requires less looking after. You only need to water it regularly in the first year of planting and hire professionals for maintenance services, including pruning.

When hiring tree pruning and maintenance services, it is paramount to look out for professionals who have a great track record – Chipps Tree Care in Edmonton is a great benchmark – and with an ISA certification, as well as insurance in case something goes wrong. The International Society of Arboriculture offers international certifications to professionals providing tree maintenance services. Furthermore, it is vital to hire professionals subscribing to arborists safe work practices to enhance health and safety management. Professionals and organizations giving tree maintenance services require to be regulated by relevant oversight bodies. Furthermore, homeowners should avoid carrying out tree maintenance by themselves to avoid sustaining injuries or destroying trees.

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