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What Are The Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa?

When many people think about owning a home and home improvement projects, basement waterproofing is possibly not among the first things that come to mind. This is totally understandable considering that basement waterproofing in Ottawa has never been especially desirable, but then again, neither is a moldy and damp basement. There are several benefits that you enjoy by having your basement professionally waterproofed. Here is a look at the top four:

Increased Space and Home’s Value

Many people consider the basement to be nothing more than an old, stale storage space for all their junk or a place to do their laundry. But this should not be the case. The basement is a huge area and it should not be wasted with seepage and mold growth. When your basement is waterproofed, you can turn it into a useful room. You can make it a workout area or just a place where you can relax when you want some quiet time away from the rest of the family. Also, adding healthy and usable space to you house certainly boosts its value, which gives you an advantage if you decide to sell in the future.

Reduced Energy Costs

Basement waterproofing in Ottawa is a good way to save on energy costs. By hiring a reliable Ottawa masonry expert to seal up old cracks, you can make your home more energy efficient by preventing cold air from getting into the house during winter and fall seasons. Alternatively, in the wetter and warmer months, when excess moisture enters your home through cracks, your air conditioning unit has to work more to remove the warm moist air. You can have all these issues fixed and your energy costs reduced just by waterproofing your basement.

Avoid Serious Health Risks

Water and humidity are the major causes of mold growth. This happens very fast and under the right conditions, mold can grow in as little as a day or two. That is scary to know, particularly if you have been letting minor basement seepage go on for years. Continued mold exposure poses serious health risks to humans. Considering your family is the most important thing in your life, keep them safe from mold exposure by waterproofing your basement.

Protect Your Investment

Remember how proud you felt when you bought your home? Remember how you carefully decorated, cleaned and remodeled in the first few months? Your home is a great investment, something you should always be proud of. It is therefore important to invest in basement waterproofing in Ottawa, which ensures the long term health of the foundation on which your home stands. By waterproofing your basement, you are helping to guarantee that your investment’s future value is strengthened.

These are some of the benefits you enjoy from waterproofing your home’s basement. However, you have to get the job done right to enjoy the above benefits. Ensure that you hire a reliable Ottawa masonry expert for the job. Conduct some research and compare a few experts before hiring one for your basement waterproofing project. Ensure that the expert you hire is experienced and reliable.

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