Top 6 Home Interior Design Trends for 2020

It’s almost the end of another major decade and people are looking at new interior designs to spruce up their homes in 2020. As the years go by new interior trends are created by designers that define an era.

For example, between 1920 and 1930, there was ‘Art Deco’ which featured bold colours with sharp geometric lines. So what trends will be defining the next decade of interior design? Let’s take a look at the top six home interior designs that will be trending in 2020.

1. Natural Light and Sustainable Energy

Environments with natural elements transmit tranquillity and well being. That’s why natural light is going to be trending in the years to come, as more people install skylights in their homes. A skylight brings life to a dark room, which will improve the atmosphere of the space.

Installing skylights is also a way to attain sustainability as it will warm up a room without the use of HV/AC systems. You will gain natural light instead of using electricity. Sustainability has become more important as climate change increases. You can reduce your home’s CO2 emissions if you install a skylight in your home.

But how can a skylight improve the aesthetics of your home? There are three designs to pick from that will make a room look magical: Fixed skylights, skylight ventilation and tubular.

The most popular design is the ventilating skylights because you can open them which make the design suitable for rooms that have no windows.

2. Colour Trends for 2020 Homes

In the next year, expect to see more neutral or cooler tones in homes. Grey seems to be the most popular neutral tone to use as it creates a charming atmosphere. But grey can also be combined with bolder colours which give an environment a contemporary appeal.

Grey can be combined with cooler tones such as teal or purple. A light silvery grey wall with abstract paintings with teal elements will create stunning contrast. Purple and white scatter cushions on a charcoal grey couch will look more defined on the dark background & make the grey pop more.

If you want to go even bolder, include warmer toned accents such as a pink carpet, ornaments and even pot plants to break the darkness of the grey.

But colours are not limited to grey, as most interior designers will be opting for neutral warm tones combined with white and yellow for living rooms or bedrooms.

3. Wood will be the Trending Material for 2020 Homes

Wood has always been a material used in retro and contemporary homes but in 2020 this element will be taken to a whole new level. Expect to see wooden floors, ceilings, finishes and even fixtures. Red oak will be the main material used, as well as pine and mahogany.

You’ll see lounge backsplashes made with dark wood and roofs made with bamboo to create a tropical atmosphere. Light wood will be paired with cooler tones such as blue and neutral hues, such as white, to make a room airier.

4. Bold Wall Decorative Patterns with Striking Colours

Instead of a plain wall with paintings and picture frames, expect to see one wall in a living room or bedroom with bold patterns and colour. These patterns can be floral or geometric in shape but the idea is to create a unique and vibrant splash of colour in a neutral environment.

The streamlined décor, paintwork and accents will make the patterned wall stand out. It’s going to be a unique trend that might steer away from large hanging canvases or fixtures to fill a space.

5. Gardens are Making their Way Indoors

2020 is going to be all about nature and sustainability. That’s why most people are incorporating large gardens into their spaces. Instead of having pot plants fill up spaces between lamps and shelves, you could plant a tree in the middle of your foyer, surrounded by colourful flowers.

The indoor garden might be ideal for sunrooms or a place where you’ve installed a skylight so the plants can get sunlight. Ensure you use plants that leave pleasant fragrances in a room, such as jasmine and lavender. You could also plant flowers that absorb musty orders to keep a room smelling fresh.

6. Darker Kitchen Elements

Most modern kitchens are white with a few colourful fixtures, cabinets and counters. In 2020 kitchens will be toned down with dark elements, such as black countertops and cabinets with natural slate backsplashes. To bring out the neutral tones, pendant lights will be used to create a soft glow.

Darker kitchens are suitable for lofts and apartments with large windows that can let more light in. But the browns, blacks and grey hues make a kitchen environment more tranquil & sophisticated at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Are you renovating your house for 2020? Include one of the trends mentioned in this article so you can stay with the times and be a part of the next defining interior design era. Tell us which interior designs you’ll be implementing in your renovations by leaving a comment below.

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