10 Ways to Style Your Home Office

Are you among the millions of Australians who work from home? Working from home requires a lot of discipline and commitment. But you’ll agree that the space you work in plays a huge role in keeping you motivated and inspiring your creativity.

Unfortunately, most home offices are the most neglected spaces. Seldom do people make a deliberate effort regarding the layout of their home offices. But we’re guessing by merely reading this article, you’re here to change the narrative!

Are you thinking of remodelling your home office? Even if you don’t have a spacious home, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to create your dream office while maximising space.

Choose Your Chair Carefully

Forget that old chair that you’ve had for ages that leaves you slouching and does nothing for your back. If you expect to spend hours sitting in your office, then comfort is key. Nothing says comfort like a recliner chair. Not only does it offer maximum back support, but it also helps relieve temporary aches and pains.

Rest assured that you’ll be typing away at your keyboard in comfort for hours if you pick a high quality armchair, so you’ll get a lot done.

Lighting Matters

You have a comfortable place to sit; now let’s deal with the general office ambience. The right lighting will impact your eye comfort levels. If you’re going to be doing a lot of reading or working on your computer, you need the right light to avoid eye fatigue.

Open your windows and drapes wide to allow natural light to enter your office. Besides you’ll appreciate how natural light makes a space look bigger. If your room isn’t adequately positioned for natural light flow, you can purchase artificial forms of lighting.

While you must pick a practical light, we can’t disregard how lighting can also instantly beautify your office space. Apart from the artificial lighting, the source itself can contribute to your office aesthetics. Pick an eye-catching chandelier or pendant lamp that’ll leave your office looking luxurious but professional.

Pick a Colour Theme

Just like any other area of your home, you also need to pick a colour theme for your office. You won’t go wrong with using neutral colours on your walls and floors. Such colours paired with natural wooden cabinets will create a stunning look.

White is a great option to use on your walls that’ll leave your office feeling airy. This will significantly contribute to your overall comfort levels.

Feel free to add a pop of colour in the form of scatter cushions or throws to create a welcoming working space. It’s allowed to add a few vibrant colours such as teal and turquoise to make your office look more attractive.

Add a Plant

Why not add a plant in your office? Plants are known to help you feel calm, plus they keep the air clean. Besides, they’ll look pretty too. Just make sure you opt for a low maintenance plant that won’t shrivel if you forget to water it for a day.

If green plants are too plain for you, you can add a few colourful flowerpots.

Get a Little Artsy

One thing we like about working from home is that you have the liberty to decorate it any way you want, depending on your taste. Your office, your rules. So, feel free to splurge on the decorative pieces if you’re into that kind of thing.

Place a few art pieces on the wall to give it a vibrant feel that’ll keep you energised throughout the day. If you’re a minimalist, you can look for just one grand artwork that you can place in your office to create a focal point.

Alternatively, you can add an attractive wallpaper to create a lively statement in your home office. You can decide to add one that’s plain or printed, depending on your taste.

Throw in a Rug

You want your home office to be as comfortable as possible. If you walk into many large corporations, you’ll find carpets in their hallways, offices and boardrooms.

Find a rug that complements your style. You could either pick a colourful rug to add personality into the room or opt for a monotone rug to give off a simple and sleek feel.

Organise Your Office

You may have included all these elements in your office, but if it’s disorganised it can significantly affect your mental process flow. Remember:

  • Make sure you keep your desk and filing cabinets organised.
  • Get rid of any clutter and make sure you only place items in the office that you’ll actually use
  • No use buying a printer for your home office when your work doesn’t require any printing whatsoever. This just results in unnecessary clutter filling your office corners.

It’s important that you optimise space by properly organising your items.


Feel free to incorporate our tips, but don’t lose your personal style in the process. You want your home office to exude your personality while maintaining professionalism as well. Who knows? You might find yourself holding a number of business meetings in there. You want it to look as professional as possible.

Are you ready to style your office? Try our tips and create your dream office that won’t have you counting the hours before you have to leave the room!











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