Common Door Lock Problems Homeowners Face

Keeping their loved ones safe and their valuables secure is the priority of every homeowner. But, sometimes, they don’t pay enough attention to door locks until something goes wrong with them. If you don’t want to deal with a lockout, want to avoid lock issues that can ruin your day and are costly to fix, then you should maintain locks properly. Some common door lock problems that homeowners encounter and should be avoided are:

  • Key is stuck inside the lock

If some components of the lock are not lubricated properly or the door latch is misaligned, the key may get stuck inside. When you force it to turn, it might break inside the lock. You may be in a hurry or there might be a problem, but instead of messing with the lock, it is better to call a locksmith instead of aggravating the problem.

  • Slow door locks

Slow or stiffened door locks can occur due to accumulation of grime or dirt in your locks. If it is difficult to insert keys in the lock or the handle turns slowly, you should remove the dirt by cleaning the lock with the cotton swab. Use a silicon or graphite spray on the lock for lubrication so it doesn’t get clogged in the winter.

  • Faulty door mechanism

Mechanical and automatic door locks, such as garage door locks, often become faulty with wear and time. Non-maintenance or excessive use of the locks can also be a reason why they may not work properly. Instead of messing with these locks, call a professional locksmith and they will be able to resolve the problem right away.

  • Key turns but doesn’t lock

Sometimes, the key turns in the lock, but doesn’t push any knobs. It is a mechanical issue due to fallen or worn parts in the locks and can be fixed by a locksmith.

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