Different Styles of Dining Chairs

There are tons of different dining chair styles available to suit all kinds of interior decoration. Dining room seating can assist in setting the tone of a space and can confirm the overall theme of that dining room. If you’re in the market for a new set of dining chairs, the main consideration will be style. Find out the styles that are popular and consider if they will work in your dining room.

Popular Styles


The majority of traditional chairs are made using a wooden frame and can be either upholstered or not. This is a broad category with various sub-types:

Antique Style

Some homeowners choose historic furniture pieces in accordance with the architectural style and age of their home using either original antique pieces or replicas. Here is a style of popular period:


Ideal for a traditional formal dining room, this style is a heavy and sturdy chair in the style of a medieval castle and are characterized by their rigidity, definite lines, dark finish and elaborate carvings.

Queen Anne

Dedicated to Queen Anne of England, this subtle, ornate style is made of hard wood such as walnut and mahogany. This chair is characterized by the violin-backs, cabriole legs and drake feet.


A furniture style that became popular towards the end of the 18th century and was named after British designer and cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale. It is classified into three types – French style (influenced by the Rococo style), Gothic style and Chinese style. Replica pieces are made of mahogany wood and are very popular with those looking for a classic strong presence in the house.


The Regency period was noted for the elegance and the use of classical history, namely the elements of Greek and Roman in furniture design and architecture. Generally marked with upholstered seats, with ornately carved backs, legs are smooth and made from hardwoods such as mahogany.


Heavy set dining chair with intricate carvings and a dark finish drawing off Gothic form.

Ladder Back

This traditional design is a fairly neutral chair that fits many styles of decor. Slats are placed horizontally across the back of the chair and they are generally made from wood or wicker, but you can find them featuring upholstery.


Contemporary chairs usually have clean lines and are not too ornate or decorative. Many contemporary dining chairs have a basic simple design coupled with contemporary features. The distinctive features that give a contemporary look depend on the kind of upholstery fabrics used – thick or uniform colour patterns and materials used to make the chair. While the majority are made of wooden frames, other types of materials can be used such as plastic, metal or wicker. A popular style is the Eames Eiffel Chair, available from a site like https://www.pash-classics.com/eames-eiffel-chair/

There are many other different styles of dining chairs suitable for modern interior, although the convenience is worth thinking about when considering buying an unusual design.

Upholstered Chairs

The beauty of upholstered dining chairs is the flexibility they provide. There is a large selection of upholsteries different from more traditional fabrics such as leather, wool, or silk for a more contemporary look. Seat upholstery fabric is more often than not a simple frame using a more traditional style, with a fabric seat and back. There are a wide variety of different styles depending on the look you are trying to achieve, so whether it is traditional or contemporary, there is something to suit every dining room.

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