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Each renovation project comes with its share of fears and questions. So, when the time comes to refresh the paint on your walls, you will need to find a painter you can trust to keep your peace of mind. Finding a good house painter is not easy and requires a little research to avoid mishaps.

Do you want to hire a house painter and you do not yet know what criteria to base yourself on? Here are 5 tips for choosing the best house painters.

4 tips for choosing a good house painter

  1. A good house painter will offer you a suitable price

Who says adapted price, says neither too high, nor top low! In fact, a house painter charges between $ 200 and $ 350 per piece (painting included). Hiring an undeclared contractor is totally discouraged, as you will not be protected in the event of a problem. Hidden costs, poorly executed work, or missed deadlines are often a source of conflict between clients and contractors. In this case, it is essential to have previously signed a contract in due form, with a declared contractor to obtain compensation.

  1. Each house painter must have a valid permit.

Did you know that the majority of renovation contractors must hold a permit to be able to practice legally? Moreover, house painters are not exempt. Whether working as a self-employed worker, or managing a company, each painting contractor must have a license. That you can check at his own or work website.

  1. He will have a great experience to his credit

Before you consider hiring a house painter, it is essential to determine exactly what rooms or items you plan to paint. Depending on their specialization, some painters will be more suited than others. If your project concerns the exterior painting of your house, then favor a painter with exterior experience.

  1. A good house painter will have good references to provide you.

Nothing better for a potential client than checking the references of past clients to ensure the reliability of a house painter. If he does a good job wherever he is hired, the professional will have no problem providing you with some references so that you can check his skills.

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