Five Factors to Consider Before Getting a Granite or Quartz Worktop

Laminate worktops are a thing of the past – granite or quartz is the way to go these days. Both stone worktops look beautiful either in the kitchen or bathroom. If you plan to switch to either one of these materials, it is best to read what their similarities and differences are. This information will help in making a decision. Read on if granite or quartz is the rock best suited to your needs.

  1. Durability

This factor is the most important in choosing a worktop material. Both stone materials are durable, but one is better than the other. Quartz is less prone to chipping or cracking than granite because of the ingredients that compose it. Aside from its namesake material, quartz also has polymers, pigments, and resin. It is a synthetic product that comes from factories. It looks smooth and glossy despite having an organic design. Meanwhile, granite is all natural. It has a visible texture that adds to its character. However, any damage done can chip or crack it eventually. You can check a specialist website for a more detailed comparison of the two.

  1. Maintenance

Granite and quartz are also easy to maintain by using mild dish soap and a soft cloth to clean them. Like the previous item, one is superior to the other. Quartz’ artificial nature makes it stain-resistant and more sanitary to use. It also does not need any sealant like granite. The natural stone needs sealing every two to four years to ensure its durability. Since granite has noticeable texture, bacteria and viruses might slip into its crevices. It will need a thorough cleanse to ensure that this does not happen.

  1. Heat resistance

Heat will always be present in a room, whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom. Granite wins this round for being more heat-resistant than quartz. The latter’s composition has materials that are likely to melt at high temperatures. If you are someone who cooks a lot or uses heat styling tools often, this might make you reconsider getting quartz.

  1. Price

Always take into consideration how much you want to pay for anything your home requires. Granite has been on the market longer when it comes to worktops. It became the replacement for the laminate worktops of the 80s. However, quartz has entered the scene and stolen everyone’s hearts with its impressive features. Although it is more durable and has easier upkeep, quartz is the more expensive option.

  1. Environmental impact

This aspect matters in today’s environmentally conscious world. Quartz has less carbon footprint than granite, despite its artificial nature. Some of its components are recycled. The manufacturing process in some factories also follows ethical standards. On the other hand, granite comes from mines. Then, it gets shipped to other countries for mass production. It is up to you if you want your worktop to come from a sustainable source or have good production practices.

If there is a material in mind that got more tick marks than the other, then that might be what you are looking for.

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