Perfecting Your Living Space with Luxury

If you are tired of your old ways of clutter and IKEA furniture, now might be the time to revamp your home with luxury. You might be ready to restyle your mood board and create a new vision for your safe space. With that being said, it’s important to think about the core things that must be considered when you are ready to start living that luxurious home lifestyle.


The first thing to check off your list is what style of luxury you want – traditional, modern, minimalist? A great thing about luxury living is that you can cater to your own style while being under the influence of a certain type of luxury. Traditional luxury has always been popular with homeowners as they seek to maximise their levels of comfort with style. Think large leather sofas, luxury lighting, winding staircases, and marble. More modern and minimalist interior design is gaining favour among younger generations as they are ready to move out of their family homes. With this, new homeowners are seeking sustainable ways to grow their home and create an interior that’s kind to them and the environment.

Luxury Lighting

The correct lighting product can be the perfect piece of the puzzle for your living space to help bring it together. Luxurious chandeliers are a traditional and timeless piece of furniture that makes the home feel like royalty. Understanding the three core different types of light – accent, ambient and task – would also let you design your home based on your wants and needs. Sometimes luxury lighting is a go-to for those who live in colder climates and those will a lack of access to natural light. With the opportunity to contact designers and suppliers that offer bespoke products in your interest is a fantastic way to spruce up your home into luxury.

Higher, higher!

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, this is the perfect opportunity for you to make use of your space and think upwards – literally. Interior designers dream of having high spaces to work with but you have to be careful to fill these rooms the right way to prevent feelings of emptiness. Higher ceilings can provide luxury immediately, it’s just about how you use this space to your advantage. Most importantly, you have to blend both the lower and upper halves of the room. This can be done by having artwork placed higher up on the wall and match the colours to the lower furniture. Also, remember to keep plenty of space between all furniture and use your space wisely!

Colour Scheme

Before you make that impulsive decision about painting all of your walls bright pink, a key to living that luxurious home lifestyle is drama. Be creative with your colour scheme by all means but remember that deeper colours on a feature wall are more dramatic. Dark blues with bright oranges, deep greens with bright yellows. Try to match smaller items of furniture (such as pillows, chairs, and ornaments) with your feature wall. Dare to go with black?

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