Summer is Finally Here! – 5 Ways to Add Shade to Your Outdoor Area

Spending time outside is one of the most sought-after benefits of living in Sydney, Australia and one of the reasons why people enjoy staying in this region. Temperatures in Australia in summer can reach 30°C to 35°C so this is the time when people host outdoor parties.

But sometimes it can get too hot or the bright sun can make outdoor parties too hot and uncomfortable. So how can you provide shade to your outdoor areas, so that you and your guests don’t get burnt by the sun? Here are five ways you can create that shade.

1. Outdoor Blinds Protect Your Patio from the Elements

There are many benefits outdoor blinds can provide for your home and outdoor space. Outdoor blinds are designed to help you cut down on your electricity bills because they can retain heat in the winter months and keep your place cool during summer.

You can cut electricity costs by up to 50% when you use outdoor blinds instead of air conditioners. And another advantage is that outdoor blinds will add to the aesthetics of your home, because they come in many elegant designs. So if you’re looking for outdoor blinds Sydney has many places you can find the designs you’re looking for.

You can add outdoor blinds to your patio as well as your windows and balconies. They’re easy to install and they’re the perfect applications to shield your guests from the elements during a party.

2. Build an Outdoor Gazebo that You can Cover Easily

If you don’t have a patio, deck or veranda you can either build a permanent gazebo in your garden or opt for a pop-up application. You can make a gazebo look elegant by adding flowing curtains, flowers and even outdoor blinds Sydney shops have available.

The fun aspect of gazebos is that you can decorate them according to a theme for Christmas, birthday parties and weddings. Gazebos are easy to cover when it’s raining or when Sydney reaches high summer temperatures.

Most people build permanent gazebo structures in the centre of their gardens as a focal point of their property’s landscape. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to building covered patios onto your home.

3. Add Marquees to your Veranda Design

A marquee is another type of canopy that’s designed to protect guests from the elements as they enter a building or make their way to a different area outside. Marquees are used to cover walkways from your house to a patio or gazebo.

Marquees are useful when it’s raining or hailing because it allows your guests to walk outside without getting wet. Typically they’re used for hotels, theatres and office blocks, but if you have a large property, a marquee would be ideal when walking outside.

A marquee is ideal when you’re hosting big parties or even family weddings during the day. You can place guests under the marquee to shade them from the sun. At night, wrap the marquee in lights to illuminate your property.

4. Plant Trees Around Your Home

Another way you can save on electricity is to create a sustainable landscape around your home. Planting trees near windows, doorways and patios can provide enough shade to keep your home cool during the summer, so you don’t need to switch on the air conditioning. Trees also add extra protection during extreme weather.

Trees are low maintenance and don’t need to be watered often. They may need to be pruned every few months to keep your landscape neat, but that’s all the maintenance they need. The only disadvantage is, during autumn the trees will lose their leaves and they will scatter all over your garden.

However, remember the advantage of planting trees around your home: they provide more oxygen and filter water and air to reduce soil erosion & greenhouse gases.

Trees can also add to the value of your home. A mature tree is said to add $1000 to $10,000 on top of the initial value of the property.

And remember: you’ll save money on hiring tents and gazebos for your outdoor events because you’ll have natural shade from the trees you planted in your garden.

5. Add a Cabana to your Beach House

If you have a home on the beachfront, it may be difficult to plant certain trees or build marquees that will last. So why not stick to the beach theme and add a cabana outside?

A cabana is typically closed off on two sides, either with outdoor blinds or curtains & it has a canopy. The front and back of the cabana are open to allow airflow.

Cabanas can be raised off the ground and come in many different designs. A cabana sometimes resembles a large bed with posts, cushions and a backrest or a deck with a small table & chair. This is an ideal structure to put near pools, or on the beach, to shelter you from the sun after a swim.

Final Thoughts

Are you thinking of adding more shaded structures to your home? Use one of our five suggestions and don’t let the summer heat stop you from going outside. These methods are budget-friendly and they will protect you from the elements, so you can enjoy your summer outdoors.



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