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Tips for Matching Kitchen Cabinets With Countertops in Brampton

In recent times, matching the kitchen countertops and cabinets has become more of the rule than the exception, as was the case a few decades ago. This is owing to the new technology, fresh ideas, and materials available in the industry. Most kitchen designers have lots of wood options, including walnut, mahogany, brilliant oak, bamboo, hickory and lots of other beautiful and exotic woods.

Every kitchen design or redesign starts on a clean, creative canvas and is then slowly pieced together by placing the focal points strategically along with the lighting. While it may not seem like it, matching the kitchen cabinets in Brampton and kitchen countertops will greatly define the space layout and its proportions.

The Magic in Blending

Generally, it is not always a great idea to have the kitchen countertops dominating the cabinets. The countertops can prove to be expensive. Also, changing them is an entirely delicate process that can prove challenging.

As such, it is recommended that one first starts by deciding on the overall design, look and feel of the kitchen. You should decide whether you want a sensual, sleek or modern look, traditional,
contemporary, cottagey, transitional, old world or cute. This decision will have a huge impact on the choice of matching countertops with the cabinets.

Getting The Right Colours

If you are just changing the current countertops to give the kitchen an upgraded look and feel, then the colour you choose will be guided by the colour of your fixtures and cabinets. If this is
the case, you should be warned that in the end, not everything will look practical and proportion. Nonetheless, you still have a wide range of options.But in the event you get overwhelmed, it is always a great idea to turn to a known professional in the industry for advice and guidance.

It is also a great idea to throw in your serving bowls and kitchen accessories as you are choosing the colours. You would not want a scenario in which you end up with a colour scheme that does not match with these. Replacing your crockery can prove to be an expensive endeavour.

Lighting and Ambiance

From your high school science class, you know that dark colours will absorb light and then convert it into light gradually. But white or bright colours will reflect light instead. Truth be told, we allare trying to save energy. Energy bills can prove to be too expensive and any dollar saved is a plus to the overall household budget.

If your kitchen does not have ample windows to let in light, you should not dare to have dark coloured surfaces in your kitchen, as these will only absorb the little light you have to work with. But if you have sunlight streaming in from all directions, then, by all means, experiment with dark colour schemes on your countertops and kitchen cabinets in Brampton.

It is also worth mentioning that the artificial lighting in the room also has a bearing on the colour scheme you choose. If you would love some fancy yet subtle lighting and a little mood
music in your kitchen after the sun sets, you should go with dark colours with some glitter.


You should not be afraid to experiment. Get some ideas and inspiration online. Request samples from several kitchen stores, take them back home and envision the outcome. With matching cabinets and countertops, there isn’t a single best solution. Anything can work, depending
on your prevailing factors.

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