Why Is Granite So Popular For Kitchens?

Granite has been one of the most common materials used in kitchens for the good part of forty years. At that time, there were just two colors available and it wasn’t priced for mainstream use. In fact, it was not a cheap material to select for use in the construction of countertops nor was it a reliable choice due to its lack of sturdiness. Back then, granite was costly and somewhat porous.

But now, granite is everywhere. By the time the 2000’s arrived, every kitchen had granite in some capacity. It was mainly used for countertops but there were other purposes evident as well, and contractors were including it inside of all the new luxury homes, condos, and apartments that were being constructed.

As it was more widely incorporated into these projects, the price per square foot plummeted and granite was as affordable as any common laminate countertop. This lead to the material being available all throughout the world and it was no longer a localized industry to retrieve the granite from quarries where it resided and process the material for consumption.

It didn’t matter what region you were located, granite could be shipped from just about anywhere, despite it being incredibly difficult to produce and transport. The costs related to both were lower in some areas of the world than others and the cheaper it was to retrieve granite from far-off foreign countries meant lower production costs and higher profits on the material.

But choosing granite is popular for more than its cheap labor expenses and unique appearance. Here are just some of the reasons why this is one of the most sought after materials used in the home:

Long-Term Reliability

Where granite used to lack durability in the past, it has since become one of the most reliable materials you can install in your kitchen. Household versions of granite are incredibly strong and durable, meaning they can withstand all manner of punishment.

Kitchens are busy and the countertops can endure some serious abuse from the myriad of cooking implements and extreme temperatures that come from a routine day. Families can be particularly rough on granite, but no matter what you throw at the stuff, it can withstand the worst of the worst. Knives, hot pans, heavy objects, granite can handle it!

Aesthetic Options

While granite used to come in just two or three colors, it has since been developed for use with any kitchen décor scheme. That’s due, in large part, to the wide availability of granite in just ab out any region of the world. With more options for retrieval of the material, the wider range of color styles to choose from.

You only need to walk into your local dealer and view the full range of granite choices that are available for homeowners working with any size budget and any color interior. Nowadays, if you want granite in your kitchen, you can find the best complement to the current interior design of the room without the need to compromise by finding something that “comes close”.

Easy to Maintain

Granite isn’t just highly resilient and durable, it’s also easy to maintain and doesn’t require a lot of tender loving care. That’s due to the sealing process that is use on granite for use in the home. Once that occurs, the material is nearly effortless to keep clean. You don’t need fancy cleansers or complex chemicals to maintain its appearance, you can just use some regular soap and water. Maybe a mild kitchen cleaner on occasion. But that’s it. You can’t really ruin the luster or sheen of your granite once its been sealed, so that makes it one of the most convenient materials you can install in your kitchen. That makes choosing granite chantilly va the best choice for homes that have a lot of traffic going in and out of the kitchen on a regular basis.

The best part is that sealing process only needs to be done just once and your granite is good to go for about two to three years before it’ll need another sealing down the road.

Environmentally Friendly

That’s right, granite isn’t just a good choice for your home, it’s a great idea for the planet too! This stuff comes out of the ground and you won’t need to continue to tapping that resource to maintain the look and feel of your kitchen. Since granite is so reliable and long-lasting, you will not need to replace it any time soon.

Granite is a totally natural substance and it doesn’t emit any sort of waste materials or similar negative impacts that can be detrimental to you or the environment around you.

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