Virginia Exterminators Near Me: How This COVID-19 Attract Pests?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread all over the world, companies, businesses, and schools are reeling from its aftereffects. From shutdowns of bars and restaurants to the office and school closures, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted almost every aspect of people’s daily lives.

This impact is not limited to just individuals, either. As people’s routines and habits change to deal with the pandemic, common pests are finding ways to insert themselves into our properties. Vacant establishments, increased time at our properties, and more opportunities for unexamined growth can lead to health concerns and pest infestations.

These problems can exacerbate existing health issues or help create new ones to make this matter worse. The focus of exterminators is on keeping an individual and their family members safe from common problems caused by these pests. Let us take a closer look at some significant effects these infestations can have on people’s homes and how the Coronavirus Disease-19 pandemic could worsen.

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Pest issues at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Given that most Americans don’t venture out of their properties as often, individuals are experiencing more quality time inside their houses, from cooking meals in their kitchens to spending a lot of time in common areas. An increase in household activities means making more messes compared to what they were used to. And if these messes are not adequately cleaned on time, pests can smell even the smallest traces of food.

Cockroaches, cardboards, crumbs, and cooking

One big pest problem that can happen with heightened activities around the property is cockroach infestations. The increased presence of edibles for them in the form of oil stains, grease, or crumbs makes for an attractive living environment. That is why it is very important to clean up after eating quickly; sweep the floor for crumbs as much as possible, as well as wipe down food prep areas like kitchen counters.

If individuals have not checked behind their oven or stove in quite a while, it is worth a look to clean up grease spills there, too – since roaches will feed on about anything they can get their mouths on. Of course, these insects do not just thrive in dirty and greasy kitchens.

The increased reliance on mailed and shipping package deliveries means there is a good chance that cardboards are everywhere. People need to make a lot of effort to regularly break down these boxes and put them in recycling bins as they arrive. Leaving piles or stacks of cardboard boxes is an invitation for these insects to take up residence.

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Respiratory risks caused by cockroaches

The biggest reason to make sure these insects are not building a residence in your home? Molting cockroaches can cause respiratory problems in young children and elderly individuals in people with respiratory problems. If people living inside the house are asthmatic or recovering from Coronavirus Disease-19, the presence of these insects can make things worse. If people think they have a big roach issue, they need to contact pest control professionals immediately. Their services are very important for maintaining safe houses.

Daunting wildlife and other invaders

Roaches are not the only potential pests people might find around their houses. With greater levels of outdoor activities like picnics and barbecues comes the possibility of unwanted animal encounters. Leaving garbage or unfinished food outside can encourage insects and critters like ants, raccoons, or rats to sniff out leftover edibles and congregate around trash bins in search of food to eat.

If people are regularly entertaining visitors outside, they need to make sure to clean up immediately and never leave edibles unattended. Creating circumstances that are pest-friendly is not just a hazard for activities outside the house. When people do not put a stop to incursions from these animals, they will get adventurous sooner or later and start looking for other water and food sources. That usually leads them to try getting in the house, where they can cause more problems. Common pests that homeowners see during cold weather include:


Rats present a lot of hazards, from damage to electrical fixtures and structures to contamination of areas with feces and urine. Rats will also chew through containers to eat what is inside. Since they can carry lice, ticks, fleas, and other parasites, they are known as disease carriers.

Allowing these pests to take up residence in your house could lead to expensive property damages and unsafe, as well as unsanitary conditions in the attic, basement, bathroom, and kitchen. Homeowners can also hire exterminator firms like Virginia Beach exterminator to make sure that the house is checked adequately for any infestation.


The presence of these animals around a house is not dependent on outdoor activities, but these pests can still cause a lot of issues. Bird droppings can carry a lot of diseases, corrode surfaces, and their nests can clog up downspouts and gutters (it can eventually lead to water damage when rain overflows or accumulates).

To avoid these animals making a lot of mess of your house’s exterior, drain birdbaths and remove bird feeders from nearby surroundings. Just like with rats and other animals, do not forget to clean your surroundings after entertaining visitors outside your house.


These insects multiply very fast if left alone. These pests can carry a lot of parasites and microorganisms, and they contaminate edibles as they crawl around, defecate and vomit on food sources, as well as previously clean surfaces. These insects are common nuisances at backyard picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor activities that involve food. When there are edibles, there will be flies.

To avoid these pests into your house and breeding in common parts of the house, make sure that your window screens are in pristine condition and that all trash bins have proper lids. Tie off garbage bags properly when throwing them into bins, and clean up messes around the area where food is being prepared – especially if it involves sweet, sugary spills and meat.

Fruit flies are small enough that they can sneak their way inside the house and reproduce quickly before property owners know it, so it is very important to store any produce properly and dispose of or consume any ripe vegetables or fruits in a timely manner.

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