Oh No! My Water Heater Broke

I arrived home from work one day. As I opened my garage door, a stream of water came pouring out into my garage. I stood there for a moment in amazement at the amount of water rushing towards me. I quickly ran outside to turn off the water supply. I thought to myself, “Oh boy what happened?”

I went back inside to inspect where the water was coming from. I looked up at the ceiling on the second floor and notice it was coming from my attic. In horror, I entered the attic to find that the water heater tank had busted open. I grabbed my phone and searched, “garland plumbing“. I was looking for a professional plumber who was readily available. I called the plumber and informed him of the emergency I had. He indicated he was on his way. While I was waiting, I thought to myself, “this is a lot to clean up!” I went downstairs to find a mop and a bucket. After about twenty minutes of mopping, the plumber arrived. He looked at me and said, “You know I just repaired a water heater like yours. In the same neighborhood too, just a street over.” I said, “what a coincidence, an inconvenient coincidence, huh?!”

He smiled and ascended into the attic. He started removing the water heater. He then offered that he can call another person to help me clean up. I accepted his offer and about thirty minutes later his assistant arrived. He said because they are used to being called in emergencies they always had plumbing materials on-hand. He says that he brought a water-heater that held the same capacity and was compatible with my home. He carried my old water heater down the stairs and took it to his truck. I took a peek at the water heater he brought, and it was still in its packaging. He opened the top part of the packaging for me so that I can take a peak. It was still wrapped up inside the packaging. He said it would be convenient for me to select that one so that I would not have to do it on my own. I thought to myself that he was right. I had a small car and it would be an additional cost and inconvenience for me to have it delivered to my house.

He unwrapped the water heater and asked his associate to assist him in carrying it up to the attic. Once they arrived in the attic his assistant went back to cleaning up. About an hour or so later he completed the installation. He went on to make sure everything was in proper order. His assistant was nearly finished with mopping and cleaning up. The plumber inspected my home for any leaks after he turned on the newly installed water heater. He said that it was just time for my water heater to be replaced, and the average shelf life of one is about ten years.

He did a final walkthrough and handed me his business card. He was a licensed plumber and accepted insurance. He said that if I had any plumbing issues to call him anytime. I thanked both men and waved goodbye as they drove away.

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