Why Copper Pipes Solves Our Newest Problem

The most common plumbing problems range from simple issues like low water pressure to more complex drainage problems. But more homeowners today are asking how you can remedy issues like corrosion and contamination. These are important things to have answered.

The Problem with Every Home

Just about every home built has PVC pipes installed, and this complies with current regulations, but on-going studies are questioning the safety of PVC materials. Surprisingly, when it comes to plumbing repair services killeen tx residents are now asking about copper piping.

Both copper and PVC are equally suitable for use, comply with current regulations and have similar qualities, but they also have differences: 

  • PVC can have health risks. Different studies say that when PVC is manufactured or incinerated it releases toxic dioxins and additives that are harmful to our cells and the environment. Dioxins are a group of chemical compounds that have become persistent environmental pollutants. They have a high toxicity, and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, affect the immune system, and interfere with hormones. Studies have also confirmed dioxins are carcinogenic. On the contrary, copper is a natural element, and does not have artificial substances.
  • Copper can have a higher cost when purchased and installed, since it needs welding that a plumber must perform while PVC is easier to install.
  • As for the welding, the PVC material allows the pipes to fit without making joints, so they have less water leakage. With copper you must be more attentive and monitor the state of the ducts to avoid leaks, although there are those who say that by having joints, leaks are easier to detect.
  • And then many are using mixed installations, using copper for the drinking water supply and allocating PVC for wastewater.

Copper is an economical, lightweight, and durable material, and it’s recyclable. It’s also frequently being used in plumbing, and HVAC installations. It is proven that it does not lose its qualities over time, even after being recycled. Like plastics, copper does not suffer corrosion. It also resists fire and pressure and holds up to extreme heat. All great qualities, but this perfect metal is not cheap.

Overall, PVC piping is more affordable, and for this reason, it’s what most homebuilders use. However, homeowners are choosing to remodel with copper piping because of one big factor: copper is a natural element which prevents the development of germs inside the copper tubes. Recent studies prove that the content of bacteria, found in the water inside copper piping disappears after five hours, but this It does not happen with other materials.

Advantages of Copper

Copper has been scientifically proven to have bactericidal properties, which has become a great help to public and private systems, especially health facilities. In its natural form, copper inactivates germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces, and it’s a natural inhibitor of bacterial growth. Copper has become a standout element in many areas, including eliminating the proliferation of algae and bacteria in reservoirs and tanks, and it kills just about any bacteria within hours. So nowadays, decisions take a turn when it comes to healthier solutions. While it may be a bit more expensive, plumbing experts are seeing copper piping on the rise.

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