Why Home Anti-Scald Devices Are A Good Idea

Devices that prevent against scalding are a necessity in homes today, especially ones with small children and vulnerable adults. According to expert plumbers concord ca residents experience scalding accidents every year. In fact, about 25 percent of all burns are a result from hot water scalding accidents, which can be prevented.

Installing Anti-Scald Valves

Why should everyone get anti-scald valves installed in homes? They reduce fluctuations in water temperature that may otherwise disturb or damage unsuspecting occupants, like kids, elderly and disabled adults, or developmentally challenged occupants.

Unwanted fluctuations in temperature are not only a nuisance but also a risk to safety. When the toilet is flushed, for example, cold water flows into the bowl and lowers the pressure in the cold-water pipes. When homeowners take a shower, sometimes there is a sudden temperature change, and you feel the water become hotter because there is less cold water available for the shower valve. On the flip side, the water in the shower can also become colder when the hot water is being used elsewhere in the house. This scenario is aggravated if there are clogged pipes (using flanges can help this via Pipe Flange Manufacturers), or the pipes leading to the showers have low water flow.

An abrupt burst of hot water can result in critical burns, especially in homes with young children, and the elderly. More than 2,000 children are scalded every year, most of them in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Serious burns require extensive and expensive hospital stays, often involving skin grafts and plastic surgeries.

Keeping Temperature Levels Safe

Anti-burst valves mitigate this danger by keeping the water temperature at a safe level, even with water pressures that fluctuate. These devices look like your everyday shower and bath valves, but they are equipped with a special mechanism that can balance the inputs between the hot and cold-water lines.

The installation of anti-scald valves is an easy procedure, and it’s inexpensive. Many devices are efficiently installed within the hot water line. They also require a manual hinge-type check valve in the cold-water supply line to stop the hot water from seeping into the cold-water system. Plumbing professionals can easily install these devices in the water heater to safeguard the plumbing for the entire home, or only in specific fixtures.

Can’t I Just Reduce Water Temperature Without A Valve?

Water temperature should never drop below 140 degrees Fahrenheit because bacterial growth thrives in warm water, especially those close to body temperature. And bacteria can proliferate under very different conditions, which is why they can be found almost anywhere. Bacteria need water to grow and live. Although bacteria are good at adapting to the environments they are in, there are certain conditions that promote bacterial growth more than others. These conditions include temperature, humidity, oxygen and pH levels. The most at-risk places in the home is the bathroom and kitchen.

Since temperature is crucial for the growth of any species of bacteria, it is crucial to keep hot water heaters at a high temperature, so the best prevention against scalding accidents is to have a plumber install special devices.

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