Easy Ways to Maintain your Pool at Home

There is nothing greater than spending a hot afternoon in a clean pool during the summer season. Having a pool is a luxury that many people are able to afford today. However, this investment comes with responsibilities. In order to enjoy your pool at home, you must make sure you maintain it properly. There are important things you must do to ensure your pool remains in good condition. Even if pools are different, the process of maintenance is quite the same. Poor pool maintenance could lead to various problems. To avoid this, consider the above ways of maintaining your pool.

Remove Debris

This is the easiest and main thing to do to your outdoor pool. Falling leaves and all kinds of dirt find their way to the pool, and if you want to keep the pool sparkling, you have to get rid of the debris from time to time. It takes a little time, and you only need a skimmer’s net to grab the debris. If you want to reduce the amount of leaves falling into your pool, trim or cut down any nearby trees or bushes. Since debris also accumulates in the insides of the pumps, it could be a great idea to apply a natural pool treatment method to get rid of the debris that sticks on these parts. There are different products you can use and your pool will be as good as new.

Ensure Proper Water Circulation

If you have an outdoor pool, you know how much dirty the water can get with time, and without any doubt, you don’t wish to swim in a pool whose water has been stagnant for days. Moving water is clean and safe. So, make sure your water is circulating well. With proper circulation, you eliminate various issues like algae infestation or cloudy water. You need to ensure your pump is running throughout the day. If you cannot afford this, at least keep the pump on for about 12 hours a day. Proper circulation also helps in washing the filter and avoiding the building of dirt. While at it, ensure your water remains at a constant level.

Balance the pH Level

If you know nothing about chemistry, pH level can sound a bit intimidating but you have nothing to worry about. Balancing the chemicals in your pool is an important step that you can never afford to miss. It is straightforward, and that means you don’t need to hire an expert. Make sure you have a water testing kit. It will help you understand what you need to add to your water. When it comes to pool chemistry, remember things like

  • pH levels. The ideal pH level of your pool should be 7.4 going to 7.6
  • Sanitizer levels. This includes the amount of bromine and chlorine in the water. The level of sanitizer will depend on the type of sanitizer you select.
  • Alkalinity. This is basically to balance the basicity and acidity in the pool. You can use baking soda if you want to increase the alkalinity level.


These are three things you need to do to maintain your pool properly. There is a lot more you need to do. However, make sure you treat your pool well. Remove debris, keep your water flowing and watch the pH levels. This way, you have a clean and safe pool for your summer holiday.


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