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How to Know When Your Wood Siding Needs to be Changed

Siding is a vital component of most homes in Edmonton. Primarily designed to protect your house from rain, humidity, insects and the harsh effects of the elements, the siding on every home needs some amount of maintenance to remain effective. Without periodic maintenance, the wood siding will get worn out to the point where it needs major repairs or total replacement. The signs listed below give an indication that the wood siding on your walls needs urgent attention.

1. Warped Siding

When the siding has a wavy shape, it can no longer protect your house. In a few cases, the siding will get so deformed that it will appear to come off the wall. When this happens, your siding will need urgent replacement to keep protecting your home from rain, snow and other elements. You must consult an Edmonton siding installation company for immediate action.

2. Peeling and Cracking

As your siding starts to crack or peel, you will discover that there are scratches, holes and chips in the wood. Apart for the ugly sight of this damaged siding, it also indicates that water has penerated and destroyed the siding. Unless you quickly call a professional that provides siding repair in Edmonton, you could easily end up having serious damage and mould infestation in your home. Depending on how serious the damage is, your wood siding may only require repair or partial replacement. But, this should be determined with the professional recommendations of a reliable Edmonton siding replacement company.

3. Mould and Mildew

If you come across a chalky residue on the siding of your home, it is most likely due to moisture, which has caused mould and wood rot. But mould and mildew can actually show up on the siding, which usually indicates that mould has already grown beneath it. So if you just attempt to clean off the mould on the external portion, this will not have dealt with the mould beneath the siding. When this happens, repair is not an option anymore. You need to replace the entire mould infested siding. Actually, you should not neglect your siding to the point were it develops mould. This is an advanced stage of serious moisture penetration and you need a professional to help you carry out a replacement.

4. Peeling of Paint or Wallpaper

When you observe that paint or wallpaper is peeling in your home, your siding is faulty and water has gained access to your house. You will need to call a reputable company that provides premium quality siding repair in Edmonton to help you do a proper inspection of the interior and exterior of the house to assess the level of damage. Then you need to make urgent repairs so that the wood does not rot.

If you notice any of these signs, you will most likely need to plan for siding replacement. Before you do so, you can do some comparison shopping by getting quotes from various Edmonton siding installation companies. Then you can replace the siding either with wood or with another material like vinyl that offers more weather resistance.

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